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4 amazing uses for dish soap around the house

These days, kitchens can no longer do without the dishwasher. It is a great ally to simplify this big daily task: washing dishes, cutlery and the whole range of utensils. The good news, which many people don't know, is that dishwashing detergent turns out to be much more useful than we imagined. Try freezing this product and you will be pleasantly surprised by all its unsuspected uses. Yes, the idea seems strange, but you will see, this trick will change your daily life!


Helps relieve painTo cool drinksOther uses without cooling dishwashing detergentRemove greasy stains on clothes

Dish soap is mainly used for washing or to clean certain surfaces in the house. But did you know that it can also relieve certain pains, keep your drinks very cold or even eliminate certain stains on your laundry. For all intents and purposes, we invite you to read this article!

Helps relieve pain

Freezing dishwashing detergent – ​​Source: spm

If you don't have a cooling pad or cold compress on hand, just pour water with diluted dish detergent into a plastic bag. Then close the bag, put it in the freezer and wait a bit. This product will last much longer than regular ice. All you have to do is wrap the bag in a thin cloth and put it in a cool place. You can use it as many times as you want because the bag can be frozen repeatedly. Ingenious, right?

To cool drinks

Summer is coming, this trick is perfect! It will be particularly useful to overcome the problem of ice cubes that melt too quickly when you enjoy a good cocktail of fresh fruit. To do this, you will again need a plastic bag in which to pour the detergent. Take the opportunity to multiply the operation! Then put the frozen sachets in a container and add the drink you want to cool. This trick is simple, but really very effective. Your drinks stay fresh much longer!

4 Amazing Uses Of Dish Soap In The home

Other uses without cooling dishwashing detergent

Dishwashing detergent – ​​Source: spm

Don't have a powerful stain remover to banish stains from your carpets? No problem, dish detergent will do! With a simple spoonful of the product, mixed with a small amount of lukewarm water, you can clean all the dirt spots using a clean cloth soaked in this solution. Then rinse the surface with cold water and let it dry. Your carpets will be clean and shiny!

Removing greasy stains from clothes

Stains from clothes – Source: spm

Similar to carpet cleaning, you can use dish soap to effectively remove grease stains from clothing. Apply a little detergent to the stain and let it act for a quarter of an hour. Then wash this area well by hand before putting the garment in the washing machine and starting the cycle. No more grease stains in your laundry!

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