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4 simple tips to adopt the beautiful trend of the jungle bedroom decor 2022

Tropical theme rooms have been very popular for a few years now, and we totally agree that they deserve their good reputation in terms of design and design.There is nothing like the soothing atmosphere created by the Jungle Room Decor.Our advice will guide you in the development of a Zen sleep space and will help you revamp your interior according to the 2022 trend.

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Successful adult bedroom decor in 4 steps

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A bedroom designed in the theme of the jungle transports you to the thick foliage, the abundant fauna and the bright colors of Africa, Indonesia and South America.The tropical motif can be specific to a place, combine elements of different forests or give life to a fictitious framework, such as "The Book of the Jungle" by Rudyard Kipling.This decoration is suitable for a modern child's room, as well as an adult room.

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4 conseils simples pour adopter la belle tendance de la déco jungle chambre 2022

The jungle bedroom decor should not necessarily be dominated by green.It can combine earth tones and present subtle animal prints.A safari room with a neutral palette corresponds to the theme of the forest as well.A baby room can have soft colors like light green, sky blue, light brown and yellow.A calm background, like pale green or blue walls, and primary shades live as accents, are certainly suitable for a teenage bedroom.The 2022 flagship nuances are red, yellow and blue.

A wall paint with the colors of the jungle on one or two walls highlights the room and adds a fun element to the decor.The wall painting of a child's room can represent a jungle animal from a book.Tropical birds and realistic vines are other wall decoration options for all ages.Artificial climbing plants draped on the bed sky or suspended from the ceiling by screwed hooks, instantly create a jungle in the bedroom.For security reasons, these decorations must be held out of reach of babies and young children.A medium to dark brown carpet reproduces a terrible forest floor.

The textured wallpaper with the palm leaf pattern will add a luxury touch to your interior.You can also use a colorful pattern of flowers and tropical foliage in vibrant tones on a dark sea background, with shiny reflections for an additional effect.

A ball bed with a net or a simple rattan bed with a low headboard gives the room a tropical appearance.Children's beds with stickers representing wild animals and catwaller or jungle bedding agree with the theme.In a large room, placing the headboard in a corner allows it to dominate the interior and create an informal atmosphere.Center the headboard on a wall works well in a small bedroom or for a ball bed.An office against the wall on one side of the bed offers room so that a child or an adult explorer of the jungle can take notes on the ground.

Interior plants offer a natural jungle pattern.A brilliant philodendron, exotic bromeliad and ferns create an immediate effect.You can also opt for false jungle plants, such as a silk banana, palm trees in pots and orchids.Plush animals such as lions, elephants, monkeys and giraffes add value to a child's room, and works of wall art representing birds and waterfalls bring more naturalism.The sculptures imported from Africa and Indonesia, vases, lamps, candlesticks and brushing baskets evoke the wild air of the tropical forest.

The duvet covers decorated with large leaves of tropical palm trees in various tones of blue and green, flamingos, pineapple and brilliant flowers, give your room the impression that you enter a heavenly garden!

Give a new dimension to your tropical themed bedroom and add curtains matching duvet covers.Buy them and you will get a room par excellence!The pattern can represent palm leaves, a group of elephants and monkeys, leaves and flowers in tones of pink, green and blue, on a blue navy background.

Finally, bring a touch of luxury to your jungle bedroom decor thanks to a stunning elegance carpet.Succumb to the charm of a modern, soft and zen model, decided in a trendy green color, midday sun yellow, or rather captivating nuances of midnight blue - allegory of the full moon.