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Cheap Christmas decoration: 3 simple DIY ideas to share with family!

Merry Christmas!December is there and the Christmas holidays are fast approaching.This year again we will not derogate from the rule by trying to create a magnificent Christmas decoration unforgettable for the whole family.As times are hard for everyone, nothing like DIY and Christmas DIYs to do yourself with recovery equipment to make a cheap Christmas decoration.We have some ideas in stock that should inspire you and give you great ideas for an interior decoration at the top for the holiday season 2021. Does that tell you?

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For which cheap Christmas decoration are you going to crack?

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A wide range of Christmas decoration choices to make yourself is available to you among table Christmas trees, edible decorations to hang on your tree, wooden Christmas decorations and many other ideas.We have chosen three of them for you, extremely easy to make with the family.Discover them as soon as possible!

Décoration de Noël pas cher : 3 idées DIY simples à partager en famille !

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Here is the equipment you will need to make the most beautiful Christmas star 2021:

Now let's go to the realization or you will demonstrate all your creative talents.First, paint the 5 ice sticks with acrylic paint.Leave to dry the necessary few minutes.Then paint the back of the sticks.Then let it dry again.As a more aesthetic bonus, you can add glitter to them.Guaranteed effect!It is now time to place your sticks so as to make a star.Are we helping you a little?You just need to take two and space them 6 cm.After that, make a V upside down and stick the end with the glue.

Then form an A by sticking a third stick.Finally, stick two others by connecting the ends.To add a new point of aesthetics, ask the children (young and old!) To stick the snowflakes on each end of the star.Bring a personal touch to it by making a knot with colored ribbon in the center of the star.Finally, you just have to use the fishing wire to hang it on your tree.No doubt, this magnificent star will illuminate your magnificent canon Christmas tree in red and gold for example.

You do not know what to do with all the cork caps that accumulate during the holiday season?In fact, reusing the bottle caps is an original DIY to do yourself as a Christmas table decoration!For the equipment necessary for this cheap Christmas decoration, it's very simple:

First, put the whole family to the Vernissant work one to Unles Bouchons.Place one side more generously.Then sprinkle your glitter on the varnish side.If all goes well they should stay stubborn.Let dry a good half hour.In the meantime, perform the same operation for the other side of the plug.Repeat on thirteen cork caps with the green glitter, then on one for golden glitter.

The golden glitter cap will act as a star during the final assembly.Then comes the part a bit more tedious: make them all together!Glue from top to bottom: three traffic jams stuck together, then four, then three, then two then one!Take one also for the base and voila, your fir trees are nicely fine ready.

The Christmas candle for yourself is a great classic during this period.Indeed, a beautiful symbol of end -of -year and Christmas celebrations 2021, the clementine is the perfect fruit for making a completely trendy manual activity and easy to do at home: homemade candle.Again, the material necessary for this DIY activity is, so much the better for our wallet, of the most summary:

First cut the clementine bark with a knife.Then take it gently, taking care to keep what looks most to a wick inside your fruit.Then oil the wick of the clementine.Finally, place olive oil on the wick and in the bottom of your fruit.You just have to test by turning on the wick!