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Do you want to make a personalized lucky charm for the year of the water tiger: ideas and tutorials

We sometimes spend a lifetime by looking for happiness and in most cases, we manage to attract it thanks to positive thoughts.But is it enough and are there other ways to stimulate luck?In general, the signs considered to be lucky classic are horseshoe, four -leaf clover, rabbit tail.Some are tattooed with figures signifying happiness and protection such as the vegvisir of the Vikings.Others dare to make a lucky charm themselves.If you too, you are tempted to make either for you or to offer as a gift, follow us.

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What do you need to know to make a lucky charm?

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First, you have to learn about objects which in addition the three listed above, are loaded with a powerful symbolism.To make a lucky charm, you need not only skill, but also personal experience.That is to say, being sure that this or that object can bring you luck.For example, you have read somewhere that crashing lily of the valley, it is equal to have happiness and prosperity reign in your home.In a way, flowers have interesting meanings.So, a flower tattoo made for you often turns out to be your lucky charm.

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Four -leaf clover in Ireland, Dala horses painted in Sweden, Chinese golden toads, Egyptian beetles, Fatima eye.Whether you grab such lucky charms in your palm, you wear them around your neck or put on a near your front door, these talismans or amulets are supposedbad spirits.

Of course, nothing proves that such tokens, which travelers generally collect as memories, actually work.But these cultural symbols educate us and enchant us both.

Voulez-vous faire un porte-bonheur personnalisé pour l’année du Tigre d’eau : idées et tutoriels

For those who are clear with their desires and preferences and want to make a personalized lucky charm, we have selected some unstable ideas.

The year of the metal buffalo in the past, we turn with hope towards the Chinese zodiac tiger.Want to try the DIY of the striped animal or to make a lucky charm linked to the philosophy of Feng-Shui.In Chinese culture, monetary gifts are often presented in red envelopes for important celebrations such as weddings, lunar New Year and other special festivals.

In this way, red being one of the most yang colors, symbolizes vital energy.It is also the color particularly lucky in feng shui, associated with protection as well as the fire element.The red envelope is generally a small rectangle, decorated with gold.It is intended to bring luck and a fortune to the recipient.To do some, first print Chinese characters for "good fortune" and "Happy New Year" in three columns on red paper.

Cut by following the contours to obtain three cuts and fold in three so that the characters remain in the middle.Use double -sided adhesive tape to tape the sides and the flap of the envelope after inserting money.Then add golden trim with decorative ribbon.

The symbol of double happiness is the Chinese character for joy, doubled!This symbol is often used in accessories and wedding decorations to invite luck.A simple drawing combined with the red color, the symbol of double happiness can bring a lot of joy in your life.The most important thing in this lucky holder is its location.The bedroom or the living room are the places conducive to the symbol of double happiness.It can become an excellent decoration for the wall above the bed.If it is not your desire, place it in the southwest corner of the show which is the sector of the chance of love and domestic relations.

As the 12 animals represent different types of personalities and energies that you meet, by chaining them, you can hope for successful and harmonious relationships.Try to hang zodiac's trusses in your office or in the entrance to your home to invite luck and good energy.After having experienced with fimo dough to make the Christmas decoration, why not dare to create a lucky charm.Motivate children to model animals and tinker a pretty bracelet or a multicolored pendant.

There are many interpretations of the endless node or mystical in most cultures, including those of Asia.The best known is the eternal node which represents luck, long life and harmony.People like to make this knot as a phone pendant, bracelet knot, Tibetan malas knot and bow tie.

The visual instructions below show a cord of different colors so that you can see how to make the knot.You only need one wire for DIY.

1.Arrange your cord in the shape of a cross as shown below.

2.Fold the two ends of the cord upwards and on the cord number 2 as indicated in the diagram below.Note that you have now created a new loop below and that there is no number on it.No figure, but that does not mean that it will not become important later.So take note at the bottom of your mind.So far, so good!

3.Then fold the cord loop to the right (cord loop number 2) on the cord loop number 3 at the top, then fold this top loop (number 3) at the bottom and above the cord loop number andCord loop number 4 on the left.

4.Take the crosslift number on the left and fold it down and above the number 3 loop.Do you remember the unnumbered loop that we have told you to note in step 2?Here is where this loop becomes important.Pass the number 4 loop through this loop made with the ends of the cord.

5.Tighten everything as shown below.Don't think you're done.At this point, your loop will easily disintegrate if you do not follow step 6.

6.This step repeats stages 1 to 5 and firms the knot.Arm 1 passes on arm 2, arm 2 on arm 3, arm 4 on arm 4 and arm 4 goes through the loop made by arm 1.