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How to make an automatic wood farm at Roblox Islands?

The collection and maintenance of a large quantity of resources are essential for having an effective island in the Roblox Minecraft-Esque experience, Islands.One of the most popular means of collecting resources is to create automatic farms, or farms that will work and harvest even when you are not there.These farms can easily be created using resource totems, but all resources do not have a corresponding totem and unfortunately, wood is part of it.


Unlike the guides that we have written on how to create iron and potato farms, this particular guide has no easy response.Due to the lack of wooden totems, a standard treadmill arrangement will not work for a car-farm.This process will rather require an automatic click, a program prohibited in Roblox and which can lead to the prohibition of your account if used.If, after having known the consequences, you always want to take the risk, YouTuber DV Plays has created a tutorial for an automatic farm relatively easy using automatic clippers.

Comment faire une ferme de bois automatique à Roblox Islands ?

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Other methods

Creating your own farm on your island and planting as many young trees as possible is the safest and easiest way to collect wood.Designating a specific plot like your arboreal farm, closing it and spreading your young trees with two houses are the key steps in this process - and although it is not entirely automated, it can always be useful to maximize your consumption ofresources.

Future totems?

We do not know if, or when, the developers will add wooden totems to the islands - the players have been asking for these totems for months and nothing has changed.In the eyes of the developers, it may seem that the wooden totems would make the artisanal part of the islands too easy, they therefore move away from their integration.This theory is not confirmed, but with the similarity of the islands with Minecraft and the problems that Minecraft players have encountered with automatic farms, it would not be surprising.

If wooden totems are added in a future update of the islands, this guide will be updated accordingly!

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