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Six yoga postures to loosen your body when you wake up

Published by Dorothée Duchemin, on 03/14/2022 at 09:04

This article is validated by Sandrine Bridoux - Yoga teacher in Paris


The benefits of morning yoga

Postures, meditation, relaxation and breathing practices make yoga a valuable ally for achieving physical and spiritual well-being. Practiced in the morning when you wake up, it allows you to untie your body and awaken your consciousness before starting your day. Sandrine Bridoux, yoga teacher in Paris, recommends six postures to do when you wake up to prepare your body for the daily tumult.

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Performed in the order described, these postures constitute a morning yoga routine to practice every day when you wake up. "The minimum is to practice at least ten minutes, twenty minutes if possible", notes the yoga teacher.

"With a little more time, I recommend chaining different sun salutations. There are several variations. As it progresses, we add postures that are a little more tonic to the sun salutation than the traditional one", adds Sandrine Bridoux.

"Morning yoga offers the necessary dynamism to face the day. It gives positive energy, we are invigorated and relaxed. We continue the restorative work of the night while awakening the body and the consciousness. It promotes relaxation, but also concentration and lucidity", enumerates our expert.

Six yoga postures to loosen your body when you wake up

Yoga also helps relieve the pain caused by our sometimes too sedentary lifestyles, sitting in front of a workstation. "Morning yoga, if practiced well, rebalances the body," adds the yoga teacher.

Get your morning yoga off to a good start

Sit down cross-legged – the meditation posture – on your bed or mat and do a side bend. We place one hand on the side, we take support on this hand or the forearm, we open the opposite arm above the head. We stay three breaths in this posture. Then do the same movement on the other side. This posture gently awakens the body.

Still seated in a meditation position, do a forward stretch. We slide the hands then the bust forward and let it relax while breathing. With each inspiration, we slide our fingers a little further on the bed or carpet. Then we slowly go back up and repeat the movement several times.

Still cross-legged on your bed or carpet, take a deep exhale and raise your left hand in the air. On the exhale, the left hand is placed on the right thigh and the bust is pivoted to the right. We stay in this posture for several breaths and we can try each time to accentuate the twist. We return to the center and then perform the same posture on the opposite side.

Postures for good stretching

For this posture, you must have your feet anchored to the ground. Either we settle on the edge of the bed, or we stand up, then we stretch our arms towards the sky. We grab the left wrist with the right hand to open the left flank by leaning to the right. Then do the same movement on the other side.

We start in downward facing dog – which activates the muscles of the back – then we unroll in a plank which activates the center of the body. We come back in downward facing dog and we start the sun salutations which are a set of several postures.

For beginners, one of the simplest sun salutations is to stand with your hands clasped in prayer in front of your chest. We raise our arms to the sky, stretching the trunk well and leaning slightly backwards, while inhaling. Then, we exhale while leaning forward to find ourselves in the posture of the standing pliers, the hands try to touch the feet. Then place your hands on the ground, step back with both feet, lie on your stomach. We then realize the posture of the cobra, we raise the bust, the head and the blow towards the sky, while leaning on the legs and on the hands. We press in our palms and we come back dog upside down. From there, either one jumps forward or one steps towards his hands. We come back to the standing pliers. We unroll the back, we salute the sky and we bring the hands in prayer in front of the chest.

This is the perfect pose to wrap up a morning yoga routine. We sit on our knees, buttocks on our heels. Either extend the arms forward, or bring them back along the legs, with the forehead touching the mat. "But in the morning, I recommend extending your arms far in front of your head, as this helps to stretch your back well. It is one of the most relaxing postures in yoga. The body is very relaxed, the position is very comfortable. It's the posture that allows you to let go. We keep the position for at least ten inspirations and ten deep exhalations", explains Sandrine Bridoux.

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Thanks to Sandrine Bridoux, yoga teacher in Paris, @frenchyogagirl on Instagram.

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