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Bohemian baby shower decoration: 40+ ideas to accompany the future mother on this new adventure

Baby showers are becoming more and more widespread in France. The Baby Shower is a pretty celebration that celebrates the future birth of a baby, whether it is the first or not. Originating in the United States, the celebration is currently spreading around the world. It is the perfect opportunity to get together with loved ones to accompany the future mother on this new adventure and create beautiful memories. For obvious reasons, the Baby Shower decoration will depend on the chosen theme. The boho chic style is appearing more and more often in our parties (birthdays, weddings, etc.). The new decorative trend tints our decorations with a wave of softness and lightness. So, there is no surprise that the style is particularly suitable for an inspiring and original Baby Shower decoration.

Bohemian Baby Shower decoration: the top trend of the year

The Baby Shower is generally organized during the eighth month of pregnancy. It can be done by the future mother or as a surprise, by a close friend, the future godmother or the future grandmother. Whatever the case, a pretty Baby Shower decoration is essential for all participants to keep an unforgettable experience of the celebration. But which theme to choose to organize a trendy baby shower that looks like us?

The bohemian chic Baby Shower decoration is characterized by a rather neutral palette, which takes a step ahead of pastel shades. However, considering that natural and pastel tones work so well together, you can always incorporate a few pops of baby pink or ice blue into the decor. In addition, decorative accessories evoking Native American culture such as feathers, arrows, tipi and dream catcher, are also essential in the bohemian chic Baby Shower decoration.

We rely on light curtains, helium balloons, garlands of flags, etc. to stay in the boho chic theme. If possible, natural materials such as wood, linen, jute and paper are preferred. And as the bohemian style likes to mix influences, we can also afford to add various elements evoking ethnic, oriental and even gypsy notes, all this without going too far.

On the other hand, the bohemian baby shower decoration inspired by "nature" is more and more talked about. Natural and soft, this combination of styles is sure to delight all nature lovers who appreciate sophistication. The Boho Nature decoration, with its sober and refined character, is perfect for a baby girl and boy baby shower. She prefers light colors and pastel colors. A few vegetal touches inserted here and there help to enhance the delicate colors and confirm the natural side of this style of decoration. Want inspiration? Here is a best of the most original ideas for bohemian chic Baby Shower decoration!

Bohemian baby shower decoration: a themed candy bar in pink and green

Delicacies in the colors of bohemian decoration

Delicacies in pink and white and matching floral decoration

Pretty bohemian baby shower decoration for baby boy

Cute cupcakes and feather cookies for a successful Baby Shower decoration

Bohemian chic baby shower candy bar

Woven wall hanging as a backdrop to the table

Bohemian and natural decor for a gourmet and inspiring candy bar

Colorful bohemian decoration

Helium-filled balloons and dream catchers provide an airy side

Bohemian baby shower decoration: 40+ ideas to accompany the mother-to-be on this new adventure

Candy bar boho nature

Tepees are essential for bohemian baby shower decoration

Floor cushions, fringed rugs and decorative accessories in pastel pink

Outdoor baby shower with a pretty multicolored decoration

Baby shower cake decorated with a pretty dreamcatcher

Garlands of pennants and pompoms adorn the mantelpiece

Bohemian decor in the backyard

Bohemian chic teepee for a baby shower in the garden

Bohemian Baby Shower Cake

Bohemian-style woven wall hanging for a themed Baby Shower

Tipi and fresh greenery next to the nature-style candy bar

Pretty teepee decorated with roses and greenery

Bohemian baby shower decoration with balloons and lots of matching details

Bohemian chic baby shower to celebrate the future birth of a baby girl

DIY bohemian decoration in multicolored fabric scraps

Branch decorated with various hanging decorations

Butterflies and dreamcatchers adorn a candy bar for a bohemian baby shower

Pretty baby shower cake decorated with arrows and succulents

Bohemian chic baby shower candy bar

Arrows, fresh flowers and fabric scraps add a bohemian note

The "throne" of the future mother for a bohemian chic Baby Shower

Woven dyes and dreamcatchers as bohemian baby shower decorations

Pretty bohemian baby shower decoration idea for baby boy