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How to choose your degraded cut?

Which gradient to choose according to the shape of your face?For what type of gradient should you opt for fine hair?Or for curly and curly hair?We asked these different questions to Gianni Coppa, hairdresser of the R’Factory show, located in the 15th arrondissement of Paris.

What is the degraded cut?

What is a degraded cut?The gradient is a specific technique which allows to have wicks of different lengths.

There are many advantages of this haircut.First of all, the gradient very easily brings a pretty shape to the hair.In addition, the degraded cut makes it possible to give volume, or to control it, according to the needs of your hair type.

Finally, the gradient is ideal for offering movement to a haircut and thus sublimate it in a few small scissors (or mower).

In short, degraded cut is a real ally!But then, what gradient to favor?follow the leader.

What degraded cut for an oval face?

If you have this facial shape, you can afford all the degraded cuts you want: a short degraded cut, a long degraded cut, or even a half-length degraded cut...However, always prefer a type of gradient that will allow you to magnify a specific area of your face.

For example, a simple degraded wick on the front of an oval face may be enough to enhance the eye."A long degraded fringe can also give this effect," said the expert.

In addition, degraded cut can also hide certain complexes."If you have an oval face and a large forehead, ask for a gradient on the wicks that frame your face.This haircut will give the impression of having a much smaller forehead, "said hairdresser Gianni Coppa.

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Round face: which degraded cut to choose?

Long degraded cut is a great option for a rounded face.

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Indeed, this haircut helps soften the lines and thus gives the impression of refining the face."To sublimate a round face, you have to enhance the cheekbones and break the rounded curves," explains the expert."A hairdresser will then have to make a gradient on the locks in the facial edges," he adds.

To magnify this facial shape, you can also opt for a degraded wick on the side or on a pretty bangs degraded curtain.

What type of gradient for a long face?

To enhance an elongated face, it is necessary to bring volume."A gradient must be carried out at the level of the maxillary and the neck," advises the hairdresser Gianni Coppa.

In addition, to structure this facial shape, it is necessary, again, daring the long wick on the side."It must be degraded to the mouth and below the chin to break the printing of length given by an elongated face," he said.

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Square face: What degraded cut to adopt?

Like the round face, the gradient is a very good option to soften the square facial features.

"To refine this facial form, the gradient must be made at the level of the cheekbones," explains the expert.To bring more lightness, you can also bet on a long and degraded curtain fringe.

However, the short degraded cut is avoided.We keep, in fact, a few lengths in order to magnify this facial shape.

What type of gradient for fine and smooth hair?

A degraded cut allows structure to fine and smooth hair structure.Be careful however: the gradient should not be made on all the hair so as not to lose too much mass.

"The hairdresser can make a gradient in terms of tips.By degrading slightly, the volume is amplified and thus brings movement to the hair, "says Gianni Coppa.

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Thick hair: what degraded cut to favor?

The gradient can also be ideal for taming thick hair."This cut will allow you to bother the hair and bring them a nice movement," said the expert.

How to proceed ?"You have to degrade in the mass in order to bring a good shape to the hair," he advises.

What type of gradient for curly and curly hair?

"For this type of hair, you have to be very careful," warns the expert."A degraded cut on curly and curly hair can quickly amplify the volume," he explains.

We must therefore opt for a particularly light gradient."For a controlled volume, the hairdresser must make a gradient only on the tips.This cut will bring a nice shape to the hair and will thus facilitate styling during brushing, "he concludes.

>> Vous l’aurez donc compris : la coupe de cheveux dégradée est une vraie alliée, et ce, quels que soient son type de cheveu et la forme de son visage.

>>> Un immense merci à Gianni Coppa, coiffeur dans le XVe arrondissement de Paris, pour sa disponibilité et ses multiples conseils.The address of his show?R’Factory, 3 rue des Favorites, 75015 Paris.