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How to make a natural candle for the Christmas holidays?

Christmas is coming and its decorations, its warm atmosphere, its festive tables. Why not opt ​​for pretty candles to decorate your interior during this winter period? The commercial ones have fairly low-end flavors that leave something to be desired. In addition, some products used - like the good old paraffin, are quite harmful to health. So, if you are passionate about interior decoration, you know that home-made allows you to create unique and personalized objects that give a unique charm to your home. And making natural candles for Christmas is no exception to this rule.

Creating your own candles is amazingly easy. You can personalize them: choose a color, opt for a perfume and make a dressing in particular through ribbons or custom labels. In this article, we explain step by step the making of candles in Do It Yourself (DIY). You will find the list of ingredients and equipment you will need as well as the instructions to follow. Of course, as with any DIY session, pay attention to the safety instructions. Prepare your workspace well and beware of splashes when melting the wax.

How to make natural candles for Christmas?

To make natural candles for Christmas yourself, you will need wax to start. You have several options including beeswax, soy wax or palm wax. Of course, the latter is not ecological. Soy wax has the particularity of burning very slowly. It is naturally white and opaque. Added to this are candle wicks, for example 100% cotton. Add your favorite essential oils to the mix to create fresh, personalized scents.

How to make a natural candle for parties Christmas?

10 minutes

4 to 6 hours

Note: Essential oils add a more subtle scent than artificial scent. Go for it frankly: rather than a few drops, opt for the teaspoon so that your candle has a more perceptible scent. At least, pour at least fifteen drops. With regard to essential oils, inform yourself precisely because some are flammable at a certain temperature. So be sure to choose essential oils that can be heated to a high enough temperature to cause no damage.

How to make natural colored candles for Christmas?

If you want to involve children in making your candles, the best way is to introduce color frankly! It could not be easier. If you have crayons and candles that you don't use, that's even better. Because to make such candles, you mainly need wax shavings that you can recover from old candles and colored wax that will be obtained by melting a few pieces of pencils – obviously having removed the labels beforehand. Ideal for making new with old!

The procedure is the same as before with two exceptions: add the colored wax and do not use essential oils. It is often said that essential oils are not recommended for young children. And if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, their use is also to be avoided.

Add pieces of colored wax to your containers right from the start. They will melt and mingle with your wax shavings. You can mix everything together to have a homogeneous mixture. When filling your containers, have fun! A layer of one color, then pour another of another color and so on. Many tutorials are available everywhere on the web.