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Pictures that show that the cesarean section can be a beautiful moment...

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I certify that I do not send spam moments of emergency, where the safety of the mother and the baby are the priority, the caesarean causes some concerns. Yet some parents have emerged stronger than ever. These photos bear witness to this.

On the occasion of Ceasarean Awareness Month in the United States in April, journalists from the American HuffingtonPost asked members of the International Association of Birth Photographers (International Association of Professional Birth Photographers) to deliver their favorite shots. The only condition: that they highlight the caesarean section, in order to show both the beauty and the difficulty of this ordeal that many young mothers go through. The objective being to show that the cesarean can also turn out to be a nice moment.

HuffingtonPost journalists have also collected 15 testimonials, from couples or photographers, who have experienced the cesarean and want to tell their story history.

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Testimonial from Meg, mum


"This was my second C-section, so my husband and I were already familiar with the procedure. Just before going into the labor room, we said goodbye. At that moment, you have a lot of emotions. Undergoing a scheduled caesarean section is a funny experience. The day before, I had dinner, brushed my teeth , and I went to bed as if nothing had happened, but I knew that a few hours separated me from meeting my daughter. With a cesarean section, you feel a kind of pressure... and suddenly you have a child. And even though the C-section was not my first choice, I feel very lucky."


Testimony of Inge, photographer.


"During this birth, there was an incredible feeling of support in the labor room "Everyone was really focused on mum's well-being, and the medical staff were incredibly nice. They really wanted mum to feel as comfortable as possible."


Snapshots that show that cesarean section can be a beautiful moment...

Testimony of Keri-Ann, photographer


"Following a traumatic first birth, the mother had chosen to give birth by cesarean section. It was a This was a very calming moment for her, especially since the environment was very calm. The medical staff were warm and welcoming. Everyone treated her with respect and dignity. She had the delivery she was expecting! "


Testimonial from Jacqi and Nick, young parents


"At the end of the pregnancy, our doctor began to talk to us about the probable need to have a caesarean. After I made the decision, we were asked if we wanted a see-through curtain once the baby came out. After three years of trying to have a baby, we absolutely wanted to see her. It was very important to us."

"I was just thinking about my wife, and what a wonderful person she is. Everything she put in, everything she went through for us to have this little miracle from God, a miracle that we had been waiting for a long time. I laid my head close to hers, my hand on her head and thanked her."

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Testimony of Lindsey, photographer


"It was the very first breath of this little girl".


Testimony of Jennifer, photographer


"It was a delivery of twins by caesarean section. There, it is the "baby A", who is went out singing to the heavens and arms outstretched to his family"


Testimony of Marry, photographer


"This Dutch father had just witnessed the birth of his third child, and learned that he had a girl after two boys! When we asked him the name of his baby, he had to think. He had the ideas of first names for boys, but not for girls. They called her Denthe, but the young dad had to ask the staff to check with his wife if he was spelled correctly."


Testimonial from Lia, mom


"We had a little boy 13 months before, almost on the same date, in the same room and with the same team of doctors. In fact, this is my third boy, and my third caesarean in 3 and a half years: for me, it was deja vu. I wanted the climate to be light, so we we all laughed in the labor room."


Testimonial from André, Dad


"The moment I peeked over the curtain, I expected to see a boy. To my surprise, my eyes landed on the most precious and beautiful little girl. Her slender arms and little hands were so perfect I fell to my knees."


Anonymous testimonial from a mom


"I was 41 weeks pregnant, with no signs of labor, an injured ankle, and I I had had a caesarean section before. So we decided to repeat that. I tried to relax thinking that I was going to meet my son very soon. I did as I always do on planes: I hate taking him , but I'm still very excited to get to my destination. In this case, I had to go through the surgery to meet my boy. The delivery lasted 3 minutes, so I didn't really have time to think. They got the baby out so fast, and when they put it on my chest, we spent a lot of time trying to get to know it. I love the story of my birth, and I love everyone who has it. made so beautiful."


Testimonial from Curtina, mum


"I had an emergency cesarean section, due to a slowing of the heart caused by preeclampsia. When I arrived in the triage room, my blood pressure was high, and I had contractions every three minutes. I tried not to think about the worst, but I know that in rare cases, the worst happens. I prayed, and I was so relieved to hear my son cry"


Testimonial from Brooke, mom


"Even though the surgery scared me, all my fears and worries disappeared the moment I 've laid my eyes on Asher."


Testimony of Ashley, photographer


"This was the third attempt for the mother to give birth naturally. But it didn't work out, so it was decided that she would have another C-section. Her midwife was caring, understanding, and she already knew all about what the mom had planned. So she told her that she would lay the baby on her chest immediately, and everyone in the labor room backed away at that moment."


Testimony of Jaydene, photographer


"After a very long work, this family was happy to be able to hug each other ."


Testimony of Sarah, photographer


"This mother, Esther, came from Nigeria to give birth. The caesarean was not planned, everyone everyone seemed taken aback. But it was incredible to see Esther become a mother, despite the circumstances. She told us that births in her country were not so "safe", and that's why she wanted to give birth in the United States, where she would have better access to care. She and her baby recovered very quickly from the procedure, and were able to have immediate skin-to-skin contact."