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Couture Recover: Sewing mittens in patchwork

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Je certifie ne pas envoyer d'e-mail indésirableIndispensables de l’hiver, les moufles se révèlent faciles à coudre soi-même ! Découvrez notre tutoriel pour coudre des moufles avec des chutes de tissus, grâce à la technique du patchwork.Couture récup : coudre des moufles en patchwork

In sewing, nothing throws everything changes.The revaluation of fabric falls allows you to sew unique pieces, thanks to the patchwork.This sewing technique is indeed to assemble several pieces of fabrics, often cut in square or rectangular shape, to create only one piece.Generally used to sew plaids, the patchwork nevertheless allows beautiful variations.In this tutorial, we suggest you sew muts with fabric falls.

Couture récup : coudre des moufles en patchwork

DIY mittens: how do them sew up?

Most of the time, when you think DIY moufles, you think of knitting or hook, which are worked with hot wool balls.However, sewing is not to be outdone and also makes it possible to achieve essential winter, to protect yourself from the cold. Pour donner une nouvelle vie à des chutes de tissus issus de précédents projets couture, rien de tel que la technique du patchwork !

Pour coudre des moufles bien épaisses et chaudes, misez sur des chutes de laine ou de feutrine.If you do not have hot enough fabrics on hand, do not hesitate to take a shredded tour or in second-hand stores, there are very good quality vintage clothes, which you can cutAs well for sewing mittens and sewing cushions!

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Easy tutorial for sewing mittens with fabric falls

Made with falls of fabrics recovered from clothes that were sleeping at the bottom of a cupboard, these DIY mittens give pride of place to the upcycling and recycling.The only part that is not sewn in patchwork: the ribs that allow you to tighten the mittens at the wrist level.However, it is possible to recover an edge edge by cutting the sleeves of a sweatshirt or knitting it with very fine needles.

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Conception et réalisation : Camille Soulayrol et Dominique Turbé
Création : Cosabeth Parriaud
Photo : Frédéric Baron-Morin

Published in issue 148

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