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The trick to cleaning roller shutters from the outside and leaving them like new

To protect you from the sun, shutters are ideal equipment. Only they can accumulate sun and darken, especially from the outside. Find out how to clean them in a few simple and effective steps. This trick makes them spotless in record time!


How to clean roller shutters from the outside?How to clean roller shutters from the outside if you can't get to them ?

These sliding equipment tend to be blackened by dirt and weather. To clean them, there is an ideal solution that will make your daily life easier. One thing is certain: you will be amazed by the results of this technique.

Roller shutters – Source: spm

How to clean roller shutters from the outside?

This rolling equipment that protects you from the sun's rays can be difficult to clean. This is particularly the case with exterior shutters which can accumulate dirt and make your facade unattractive. If many believe that their cleaning is a tedious task, it is quite another. And for good reason, a method will allow you to speed it up. The latter will allow you to make your shutters look like new in a few simple steps.

While cleaning shutters from the inside is easy, cleaning them from the outside can be difficult. There is also a parameter to take into account because this equipment can be made of wood, PVC or aluminum and it will be necessary to adapt the products to the material. Colors are also decisive when it comes to removing dirt. White, which is usually the color of exterior shutters, can be particularly difficult to clean. If you have access to this equipment, a mixture of Marseille soap and water can act as a formidable and gentle cleaner for this fragile material. When the dirt is stubborn, it is recommended to use a classic detergent or even washing-up liquid and white vinegar. Start by partially lowering the shutters so that they are ajar and you have access to them. Clean from top to bottom with a soft bristle brush dampened in soapy water. Remove dust residue with the fine nozzle of your vacuum cleaner. Then, with a cloth soaked in soapy water, wipe from left to right then vertically. Leave this cleaner on for a few minutes before drying with a microfiber cloth and you're done!

Tip for cleaning roller shutters from the outside and leave them like new

Shutters from the outside – Source: spm

How do you clean roller shutters from the outside if you can't get to them?

You'll understand that soapy water is great for making your shutters shiny without damaging them. Only, it is sometimes difficult to clean them from the outside if you live in an apartment and there is no balcony. To make them shine if you cannot access the front, you will have to start by opening the drawer where they are rolled up. You can use a stepladder to get there. Clean the visible and stained part with soapy water before drying with a microfiber cloth. As you go, unroll with the crank and wipe the parts that are dirty with a damp cloth. Thanks to this very effective technique, you will be able to shine the shutters from the outside in record time. This gesture will make your life easier when you do a spring cleaning.

One thing is certain, it is possible to simply clean these roller shutters whether you have access to them or not. Bicarbonate of soda, black soap or dishwashing liquid, all you need is a cleaner, a little elbow grease and this formidable method. You will make your shutters impeccable without damaging them or causing scratches!

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