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A tetris brick modular sofa to decorate your interior as a breeze

In the world of video games, there are titles that will make an impression on decades.Let us quote among these essentials the Sims, Sonic, Mario Bros, Bomber Dash or Street Fighter ... These old games will remain engraved in the memories of those who held the first Sega Mastersystem or Nintendo Nes!Another game just as well known as the previous ones with which we played on Gameboy or Gameboy Color: Tetris.As a reminder, the goal of the game is to stack blocks of different shapes, so as to create lines.Who has never spent hours and hours beat their own record on this addictive game?If the Tetris was (or is still) an addiction to you, we have found an original piece of furniture that will remind you of some memories!

Un canapé modulaire en briques Tetris pour décorer son intérieur comme un jeu d’enfant

But what is this strange piece of furniture?

We are not going to make you languish, it is a sumptuous sofa, imagined by the designer Sara Hayat and directly inspired by the legendary game Tetris.A rare piece perfect to redecorate your interior and have fun at the same time.Concretely, the sofa consists of a dozen different blocks resembling trait for those of the game Tetris.You can give free rein to your imagination and make it a classic or backrest sofa.The thing is still to put the parts correctly to avoid being the four irons in the air!If you decide to shape it in a classic sofa, then it will be 4 meters long by 1 meter wide;So you still need space to install it.

How much does this original sofa cost?

The Tetris sofa is entirely handcrafted by Sara Hayat, who says that being able to modify it does not alter its quality.The original furniture exists in several finishes such as suede, velvet or leather, and the cushions are different colors.We will probably disappoint you but we have found no trace of the price (s) on the creator's website.The only way to know it is probably to ask for a quote, and we imagine that the "handmade" is likely to cause a fairly important cost ... Let's face that the design of this sofa is really nice, right?We love the idea of being able to change the sofa just by stacking blocks like Lego!

A little tetris in your living room?

If the sofa seems absolutely beautiful but the price is inaccessible, there are objects inspired by the tetris ... This will not have the charm of the Sofa Tetris, but if you really hold, you will find Tetris lamps, with whichHowever, you will not be able to play… too bad!The game released in 1984 has been updated and is still available on Nintendo Switch, with graphics far from that of Game Boy Color.And for holidays or board games evenings, the game wins your dad is a replica published by Gigamic is an absolute essential.It will be the time to check if you have kept your hand or if you are daming the pawn by your offspring!

Gigamic- Reflection-Gagne game your dad, Gzfgp 35.90 EUR

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