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Decorative guide: advice from a decorative specialist for a design and personalized interior

The advice of a decorative specialist for a design and personalized interior

For all those who want to change their interior but do not know how to do it, here are the advice of Sofia Clara, interior decorator and "Garden designer".She lives between London and Lausanne and distinguished herself in the Vaudoise capital by making the decoration of the Loxton restaurants and the pointed.Ready?We start!



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Guide déco: The advice of a decorative specialist for a design and personalized interior


Before changing, modifying, retyping, painting, investing in your home, there is a key step: organizing and projecting your time.Decoration is a long -term process and if there is one thing not to do, it is to rush.On the other hand, it is good to appreciate each step of the transformation.So here's how to start.

What is a moodboard?Quite simply a painting of everything that inspires you and makes you want.For this, there are several methods.The first and the easiest: Pinterest.On this platform, we find a million ideas in images that can be collected, especially in relation to interior decoration.Otherwise, you can also help you www.Can go.com or powerpoint.For paper enthusiasts, we take a pair of scissors, glue and, whenever we like in a magazine, we complete our table or notebook.

Do not hesitate to request color samples or materials from suppliers, which you can then move from one room to another.And finally, share your desires with your partner or your loved ones, it will help you know if you are going in the right direction.

Favorisez les peintures à l’eau telles que Farrow & Ball ou Little Greene (disponibles sur internet et dans des boutiques romandes), qui sont plus écologiques, meilleures pour la santé, plus faciles à appliquer, qui ont également plus de profondeur, mais qui sont plus chères que des peintures standard.These colors change over the day and brightness, which makes a room fundamentally more interesting.

Also, pay attention to the orientation of the room, if it is north oriented, it will tend to bring out the cold tones.In this case, avoid the Greens or the Blues too clear and opt for a more saturated shade, like a deep pink.And, finally, take into account the moment during the day you use the room, for example do not hesitate to choose a dark color for a room that you will mainly use in the evening.

One thing is certain, by dint of staying at home, we realize that it is essential to have a colorful, warm and comforting interior in which we feel good and safe.Sofia Clara likes to draw inspiration from the outside and have fun bringing it inside.She uses the colors that we perceive there respecting the proportions.She therefore favors neutrals, the Blues and the Greens.We keep the sparkling and more lively colors for small touches of decoration.We can also opt for wallpaper, which has made a comeback and is very trendy.His latest advice on this subject is not to choose the color of your walls first.Do according to a strong room such as a sofa, a painting, a work of art or even a cushion, something that you will keep for a very long time, even for life.

Design your interior with parts you want to keep forever.To do this, you will have to find the nugget in which you will want to invest.A dining table, an armchair, a wardrobe ... Find, search the internet or in your favorite stores.Think about this investment, take the time to know if you love it with love.Save, even wait until the object is on sale!Whether it comes from Ikea, houses around the world, second -hand or a great designer, the important thing is the reflection made upstream.

Let us get along, choosing your furniture is a story of taste, so the most important thing is to listen to yourself and opt for what we like.But some trends are popular right now.

As for the brightness, it is always chosen hot, to avoid the atmosphere as at the dentist.We do not hesitate to put it on the ceiling, on the wall and on the furniture because the light will bring life inside and warm the atmosphere.So we place it at different heights and try to have at least three or four in each room.We place the lights according to their usefulness (a lamp to read, to work, to cook ...) or to highlight an element, like a work of art, for example.Finally, we avoid all direct lights that could dazzle and opt for lampshades, which will make the room more cozy.

If you have animals, pay attention to the plants you will choose, because some are toxic to your companions.Prefer species that will purify air, such as spathiphyllum (still slightly toxic for cats), rubber fig, Ficus Lyrata or chlorophytum comosum.And remember to distribute different plant sizes with different shapes of leaves in the room.

To enhance your furniture, avoid sticking them against the walls, even if your space is small, it's always worth trying.Dare to turn off your dishes, place your paintings at eye level, opt for beautiful quality bathing and bed linen, hide the electric wires in boxes, store your cheni in baskets, choose pretty door handles: letNothing at chance, because everything is in detail.Do not be afraid to add fun keys with objects that stand out, which denotes with the rest.Finally, so that your interior looks like you, bring personal touches such as travel memories or pieces inherited from your family.And don't forget, your space must look inhabited, your house should not look like an exhibition hall.

Certain dimensions and proportions are very important to keep a balance in the decoration.For that, here are some tips.

Whether you have a balcony, a terrace or a garden, also pamper your exterior!Add plants, flowers, aromatic herbs, pretty furniture that resists climate change ... Make this space pleasant, it is significant if you are lucky to have one!

>> Retrouvez les créations de Sofia Clara: sur Instagram @sofia.Clara or on its website www.sofiaclara.com.

Your furniture or your dream decorative object may be vintage, here are some places where to find it:

Par Anysia Pillet publié le 25 février 2022 - 08:52

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