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Outsource your spring cleaning | LesAffaires.com

Tidying up the garage, washing the walls, the windows, the carpet... Everyone would like to have a Mary Poppins on hand when spring arrives. In the real world, housekeeping services ramp up their offerings during this time.

But what does this "big spring cleaning" consist of, and how much can it cost to receive such a boost?

spring needs

“Windows, walls and ceilings are our main requests,” says Tania Sylva, dispatch agent at Ménage-Pro. Their package specially designed for spring cleaning, however, goes further: we offer cleaning of carpets, upholstered furniture, blinds (with ultrasound), light fixtures, the interior of appliances, cabinets, etc.

Not only do people rarely want to spend more time on household chores, but washing windows, in particular, requires a certain skill. "I don't have access to some of the exterior panes of my windows and I live on the fourth floor, so I don't want to climb that far to reach them," explains Julie Ouimet, co-owner of a condo.

Besides time and energy, not having all the necessary equipment and products can be another good motivator for using this type of service.

In general, anything can be added to a major cleaning package, at some cost of course.

Sous-traiter son grand ménage du printemps | LesAffaires.com

How much is it ?

If not everyone can afford housekeeping every month, some might be tempted to extend an amount of money once a year.

At NRJ-Maid, the basic cost for cleaning a deep condo (which includes windows) is $200, and $250 for a bungalow. Prices are comparable at Ménage-Pro, where it costs between $200 and $300, depending on the size of the space to be cleaned. This is of course only an approximate price.

Prices vary depending on the number of rooms, the tasks to be performed, but also the condition of the items to be cleaned.

"If customers have carried out renovations that have generated a lot of dust or the windows have not been cleaned for four years, it will be more expensive," says Abderrahim Loulidi, president of NRJ-Maid. To avoid unpleasant surprises, the company offers a free visit and quote to establish a work plan, which does not bind the client. This is also the method most often used by maintenance services to properly estimate the price.

And how much does it cost if you only want an "à la carte" service, such as window cleaning? At NRJ-Maid, cleaning a dozen windows ranges from $120 to $180, including the patio door.

Sometimes doing it yourself can be almost as expensive, in addition to wasting precious time. Indeed, window cleaning alone can take the entire day, especially if one has to remove the panes and put them back in place. In addition, if you decide, for example, to wash your carpet yourself, you will have to rent the device, which costs on average $30 to $50. Not to mention the soap.

When you take care of the spring cleaning yourself, the cost of purchasing cleaning products is also to be considered. There may be many. Cleaning companies are supposed to have a range of products suitable for various types of material, without damaging them. This is the case with walls whose cleaning product depends on the paint applied to it… and the stains on it.

All things considered, the decision to hand over your rubber gloves to a cleaning service company rests more on the time you are willing to devote to such a task and on your ability to do a “good job” than on the price.