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6 interesting things that you did not know on the famous slime paste + recipe without toxic ingredients

Admittedly, you have heard of the slime- this sticky substance that is buzzing with kids in recent years.Being part of the scientific experiences for children, the slime can be easily made at home using a few ingredients that you already have at home.In addition, it is also renowned for its properties that soothe the spirit.However, this type of dough has become the object of certain controversies for a toxic product used for its creation.The latter, you already know him.But, are there other unknown facts?Yes !In the current article, Deavita.fr reveals the 6 things you don't know about the slime dough.

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    As we mentioned above, the slime has a sticky substance which can be declined in different colors.There is even a "galaxy" version.This sticky and elastic plasticine, which children love the mixer, has become particularly popular, especially thanks to social networks.But, to be able to take full advantage of it without danger to health, it is important to make slime with cosmetic products.Before giving you the harmless recipe, we will make you reveal certain things that you did not know on the slime.Let's go !

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    6 trucs intéressants que vous ne saviez pas sur la fameuse pâte slime + recette sans ingrédients toxiques

    Do you remember the 1984 famous "SOS SOS" SOS?If your answer is yes, you know the character slimer, the green and viscous ghost, whose appearance recalls that of the slime dough.It is therefore obvious that the name of this plasticine refers to the colorful character.

    The classic recipe for the famous slime paste contains boric acid, more commonly known as Borax.This presents a chemical compound that can be found in many household products and which is likely to cause certain health problems including allergies, skin redness, burns, sore throats and even nose bleeding.In addition, the Borax can evaporate in the air, which also has health dangers.

    The good news: there are several substitutes for boric acid and they are all harmless to health.Among the first, liquid laundry and lentil solution.

    Believe it or not, kneading slime is one of the countless stress reduction techniques.Why exactly?This sticky paste stimulates the senses of individuals, which can have calming effects and can also stimulate concentration.The feeling of playing with slime can indeed serve as a temporary distraction to the emotions and stress of a person.

    DIY with wool is a great way to develop the fine motor skills of children, we agree.However, it emerges that the famous plasticine is also effective since it allows children to use almost all their senses.When making slime, as well as mixing, kids focus on touch, sounds, appearance and smells.

    Destroying the slime is a super easy task that is done using a simple ingredient that you certainly have in the cupboard.These include vinegar which will completely dissolve this sticky substance.

    One of the greatest advantages of this sticky paste is that it never spoils once made, but provided that it does not contain any borax.You can keep the slime as long as you wish and in an airtight container for best results.However, the sticky substance can become dirty and likely to accumulate bacteria.So remember to make a new paste.

    How to do slime easily without toxic products?

    Knead the slime dough undoubtedly gives this I-know what about satisfaction that soothes the mind and helps manage stress.To fully benefit from its properties, it is important to concoct a recipe that contains no toxic product.Here are the ingredients to get you:

    Preparation :

    Put about 1/2 cup of white glue in a bowl.Then add a tablespoon of liquid detergent and stir until the mixture is thick.If necessary, add more detergent and stir until the dough no longer sticks immediately to your fingers.When the dough becomes thicker and no longer sticks alongside the bowl, take it and start kneading.The more you knead, the more viscous it becomes.Keep the slime in a plastic container so that it remains flexible longer.