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How to get the free article from Roblox Fashion Awards 2021

This year, the Fashion Awards of the British Fashion Council (BFC) went into the metavese for the first time and came with an exclusive digital design price, an experience on the red carpet and an avatar article.Scene of awards to show their competing creations, while the regular Robloxians dress, perform quests and pose all night.In this quick guide, we will see how to perform the quests of the Fashion Awards and receive the secret, -Capture element.

What are the Fashion Awards

Fashion Awards are a ceremony of award ceremony that takes place every year and aims to highlight the creators around the world who have outdone themselves in terms of prowess and breakthrough in terms of design.Recognized and nominated people can be both individual creators or entire companies.These prices vary in titles and qualifications, from the designer of the year to the Trailblazer price, each price has its own meaning and the respect that surrounds it.

Finish the quests of Fashion Awards

When it appears in fashion awards metovers, your character will be placed on the track, waiting to go out and be photographed.You will notice a clothing icon on the left of your screen and a list icon on the right.By clicking on the clothing icon, you will open the wardrobe menu, where you can not only change your avatar clothes, but also experiment with the new 3D superposition function.

By clicking on the list icon, you will open your quest menu.You can see here the five quests you need to accomplish to receive the free avatar element, the BFC Gold opera glasses.To start these quests, follow the steps described below.

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To finish this quest, you will want to speak to the four NPCs standing along the track.Everyone will ask you a handful of questions or will tell you about fashion awards in general.There is no bad answer to any of the maintenance questions, so take your time and choose honestly or simply click on random options will give you the same result.Once you have spoken to everyone on the red carpet, you will finish this quest.

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Now that you have finished the red carpet part of the evening, head to the Fashion Awards building, the Royal Albert Hall.Once inside, you will notice a gallery displayed on the right with a panel indicating Metaverse Design Nominees.Enter this gallery and talk to the woman who stands in the middle.After that, approach one of the Avatar object displays and press E to display them.It will finish the second quest.

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It should also be noted that each of the showcases of the nominees' showcase has in fact been created by Roblox users and has been hand -selected by the British Fashion Council to be nominated for the Fashion Award for Metaverse Design.The winner of this prize, CSAPPHIRE, was virtually recognized via GFX video broadcast in the main hall of the experience.Although only one winner has received the award, all the nominated work remains displayed in the experience.

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Comment obtenir l’article gratuit des Roblox Fashion Awards 2021

To find the crystal heart, you must first finish the crystal labyrinth.The Crystal Maze is on the left of the main entrance and should not be too difficult to finish.

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The best advice we can give is to enter, turn right to the giant crystal on the ground, then turn right again to cross the white portals of the Pentagon.After having teleported through the pentagons, you should be able to turn left and see the big crystal heart.

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To activate the heart, just head to him and press E.After that, the quest will be over.

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The quest for fashion items is quite easy, but can be difficult to find.To finish this quest, head to the left rear corner of the building, just behind the Crystal Maze.Here you should find the Fashion Awards 2021 collection, as well as various Avatar articles on the golden theme.

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Everything you have to do to finish this quest is to approach one of the elements displayed and press E to see them.This will open the menu of objects and check the quest in your list.

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The final quest for this experience is to climb yourself on the Fashion Awards scene!To do this, turn right from the Fashion Awards 2021 collection, locate the PNJ Internship Dining near the velvet strings and speak with him.

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After that, go behind the scenes of the green room.Here you can dress with your favorite outfit or wear your current clothes and prepare you to parade.Once you are dressed, locate the stairs on the main scene and go up them.

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On the main stage, you will notice five circles spread over the ground - place on each of these circles will make them shine.After laying on the five circles, an prompt will appear at the top of your screen to congratulate you for your performance and invite you to return to the green room.

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When you enter the green room, you will receive the British Fashion Awards 2021 badge and the BFC Gold Opera Glasses.This can take some time for these glasses to appear in your avatar inventory, it took us about an hour to appear, but they will end up being there.

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