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Croc clip and Bardot look, Angèle mixes the codes on the Cannes red carpet

The singer climbed the stairs alongside Marion Cotillard and the rest of the Annette film crew by Leos Carax. And infuses the dresscode with its personal touches.

Angèle continues her ascent. In the casting of the film Annette by Leos Carax, she was of course there for the climb of the steps on this first day of the festival. If the singer met the requirements of the evening dress in an haute couture outfit signed by Chanel (of which she is one of the muses), she also knew how to impose her style.

Alligator clip and Bardot gaze, Angèle mixes the codes on the Cannes red carpet

The rise of the steps of July 6, 2021

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First detail that caught our attention: her crocodile clip holding her hair in a half-tail. This very popular accessory in the 1990s-2000s has been making a comeback on the catwalks for two seasons. And offers a choice arrival on the red carpet with the young woman.

When it comes to makeup, while Marion Cotillard opted for something very discreet, Angèle accentuates her eyes. And leave nothing to chance. "He's a very perfectionist who likes to think about his looks beforehand. We had time to talk about it and create them together", explains Sandrine Cano Bock, Chanel make-up artist. The latter therefore responded to the desires of the singer, in particular for this very sixties look. "The inspiration was clearly Brigitte Bardot. It's a signature element of Angèle. She's been using eyeliner for a while and knows how to perfectly draw the line that suits her look."

The musician is also the face of Chanel's Les Yeux collection. The make-up artist therefore opted for the Stylo Waterproof Noir Intense, a matte texture applied in a very straight line. "I then loaded the inner corner of the eye with mascara (Le Volume, Ultra-noir) to accentuate this doe-eye effect and also bring shine with pearly shadows." Points of light have also been brought to the outer corner.

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The eyebrow has also been worked to follow the graphic side of the eyeliner, already accentuated by the fringe. "What is interesting with Angèle is that we can allow ourselves to exaggerate. We can go for a more daring make-up. Especially since she has very luminous skin, perfect as a base."