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DIY Déco Teenage Girl Bedroom In 18 ideas that revisit the classic decor

The room of a child, whether small or teenager, is as important as that of his parents.More original, personalized and inexpensive, DIY decor is an excellent alternative to restore colors to your teenager's room and create for him/she a cocoon of safety and relaxation.Dedicated to the DIY Déco Chambre Ado Fille, this article promises to inspire you and encourage you to try some of the DIY projects selected for you with great care.

DIY Déco Teenage Girl Room to highlight the walls

In addition to dressing the walls, the wall decoration to do yourself provides a touch of color and refinement to the room.Without a doubt, you have not escaped the trend of the mural or "wall hanging".An excellent alternative to the usual frames and pell-mell, the woven hanging dresses the wall with originality and gives the camber a particular Boho charm.

A tip to "pimp" a slightly too sad wall, the woven wall hanging is our decorative ally which allows us to bring more originality to space.Available in pastel or neutral colors, the wall hanging turns out to be the essential decorative accessory instilling a plugged in the whole room.Do not limit yourself and dare daring associations of colors and materials.

Homemade wall jewel - we adopt its Scandinavian charm to decorate the teenage bedroom

Infinitely available, wall jewelry is decorative accessories to enhance the wall a little sadder.Whatever their style, they can be made of metal, wood or fabric and adapt perfectly to any wall and to any room.Super original and sober, the above breathes the Scandinavian and Boho charm at the same time.

Mobile to hang on the wall - the necessary equipment

If the decorative mobile presented above you, you could try to create a.The material you need consists of a metal ring, two copper pegs, some solid wood pearls, wooden balls, metallic elements and a few balls of woolen.Use wool to make pompoms that will give a bohemian touch to the DIY mobile.

Idea DIY Déco Teenage Girl Room - Pompoms in interior decoration

With a few united or multicolored pompoms, you will end up giving a unique and original appearance to the DIY Deco Déco Ado Girl Room.If the cushion covers are white, the better to favor multicolored pompoms.These will decide with monochrome bedding and bring a touch of vitality in the room.

Cushions decorated with pompoms to bring a touch of cute to the teenage girl bedroom

The cushions are among the most loved decorative accessories, that's why, we adopt them on the sofa as well as on the chair in the teenage girl bedroom.Those above, in addition to having super original magenta and pastel blue covers, are also decorated with several tiny pompoms.

DIY Déco Teenage Girls - Magnificent photophores with a marbled effect

DIY déco chambre ado fille en 18 idées qui revisitent le décor classique

This is an excellent Idea DIY Déco Teenage Girl Room which represents glass photophores, decorated with nail polish.The final rendering is really original and adopts the marbled effect.This idea is particularly suitable for decorating the office in a teen girl's room.The pastel colors used for the decoration of photophores, allow a romantic touch to the decor.

Flower pot to personalize to decorate her teen girl's room

This is an idea DIY Déco Ado Girl Room that will allow you to bring a touch of color and vitality!The white and sober flower pot has been installed on four blond wooden feet - a little tip that will give volume to the decor in the room.

How to personalize a flowerpot to give it an irresistible decorative touch

In order to achieve this idea of DIY Déco Teenage Girl Bedroom, first of all, you will need plasticine, glue and matching soil.We form balls from plasticine and once the dough hardened, you can stick the balls on the flowerpot.Finally, we plant the flowers and we can place the composition on the desk or on a shelf.

Wall decoration in 3D letters to fit out a custom office area

Decorative and infinitely available, 3D letters are a DIY Déco Teenage Girl Room allowing you to highlight a section of wall while giving a decorative touch to the office.In order to personalize the letters, we can repaint them, hang pendants or stick stickers.

Geometric wall shelves in Scandinavian wood and white design

Super decorative and practical, the wall shelves take several forms and invite themselves as a teenage girl bedroom decoration to unclutter the space and give a decoration to the walls.Furniture and geometric accessories are part of the essential decorative trends that sublimate the interior with refinement.

Wooden heart garland to make yourself to decorate the walls

Easy to create and customize, garlands invite themselves to interior decoration and allow us to give the walls the necessary originality.Once imagined the garland, you only have to choose the material.Wood, paper, fabric or metal - anything is possible!

Original garland to do yourself to decorate the walls

To create your garland, get a lot of several wooden hearts, delicate string and transparent adhesive tape.As shown in the photo, it is necessary to fix the string behind each heart by means of a small strip of adhesive tape.

Practical and decorative wall carrier to install in the teen girl room

Nothing is more practical and original than a DIY bridge holder!Hanging on the wall or installed on an extra table, the accessory also plays the role of a personalized and super interesting decorative object.This idea of diy deco teenage bedroom decorates allows you to be personalized according to personal desires to best adapt to the existing decor.

Embroidered hanging with floral pattern - DIY Déco teenage bedrooms girl original

Mural hangings are among the ideas of wall decoration which, in addition to dressing the walls, brings a touch of color and vitality to the room.Adorned with magnificent patterns, the above that acts as an original accent, allowing both to sift the light which penetrates freely into the room.

Decorative cushions of geometric shapes to decorate the teenage girl bedroom

The cushions take original geometric shapes and invite themselves into decoration to bring a touch of color in the teen girl room.Pastel colors soft or lively tones like Magenta, Coral or Indigo Blue - stacked on the gray sofa, they promise to refresh the decor!

Decorative cushions in bright colors to embellish the reading corner in the teen girl room