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How to choose the right coating for a natural floor

Today, people are paying more and more attention to what they buy from an economic point of view, but also an ecological one. Pollution and global warming are becoming real concerns in our daily lives and are on everyone's lips. It is therefore essential to act and start paying attention by implementing sustainable solutions. Solutions that can be found, and which very often begin, at the level of one's own home. Choosing the right flooring in one's house is one of the first steps in this sustainable approach. A process that requires some thought.

What floor covering to avoid?

There are a lot of different floor coverings. Yet very few respect the environment.

As “Que Choisir” magazine reveals in one of its surveys, PVC flooring is not recommended, especially if you have children. The PVC coating can release up to 5000 (mg/l of air) per month, whereas it should not exceed 200 (mg/l of air) for the air to be breathable for a child.

Another coating that is not recommended is waxed concrete. Indeed, it is often composed of a large amount of solvents and chemical resins. The carpet, even if highly prized, is not left out. It turns out that this one, often made of wool and industrial cotton, releases many polluting particles as soon as it is opened.

Vegetable fiber, also widely used for its wide variety and low cost, is also not recommended for long-term use. Mold can easily settle in the plant fiber and provisions are therefore often necessary. For example, we can talk about the fact that bathrooms are not recommended, and that it is important to have fans to avoid the accumulation of humidity causing mold.

How to choose the right floor covering natural

The use of parquet, on the other hand, which is often made of reclaimed wood, is much more recommended. It is indeed the least polluting coating. Small negative point all the same: this one has on average only a duration of 15 years.

But in the end, among all these coatings, which one to choose?

Natural and ecological floor coverings

There are, however, floor coverings that meet your expectations. Natural and ecological coatings.

The first coating we can recommend is solid wood flooring. Its biggest advantage is ecological. It is composed of only one type of tree, often local, thus reducing deforestation. Similarly, its traceability is much easier, limiting the risk of counterfeits from China or elsewhere.

The second coating is cork. Its ability to capture heat and redistribute it is highly appreciated, as is its sound and heat insulation. It is also very easy to clean. A simple vacuum and mop from time to time is more than enough.

Next we have terracotta. It is considered the most ancestral coating and one of the most natural. It is made from clay and does not contain any additives or dyes.

For more humid rooms such as a bathroom, it is recommended to use tiling. This is very useful and effective for its durability, resistance to wear, maintenance and contribution to thermal stagnation. However, in return, it is necessary to avoid as much as possible to put this tiling in rooms, because of its freshness not necessarily of the most pleasant.

Finally, even if the homemade coating is interesting, it is more useful to be interested in the "TERRA RUSTICA". It is a clay soil that is part of the concrete family. This is the first natural concrete. In addition, this land gives a rather rustic appearance to the house. Even if this earth is fragile, it is easily repairable.

There are so many choices and varieties of soil that you might get lost. In this case, it is often preferable to call on experts in the field such as La Maison Lecomte – interior designer. An interior design agency generally knows all the references and floor ranges to consider according to your constraints, while meeting your desires and tastes. She can help you choose the best flooring for your home.

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