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Cold wave: here are ten tips for saving heating

You have to expect polar cold next week and the drop in temperatures up to 6 ° C difference.

The polar air will first arrive through the north of France from this Sunday, November 21 before extending to the whole country.And it's this freezing air that lowers temperatures.

Temperatures will decrease seriously for the week of November 21 to 28.

Here are some tips to try to be less cold and heat up at a lower cost.

1 - Heat just and useful

Do not heat the parts that are not busy full time like some rooms, offices or laundry rooms.Lower the temperature in the evening.

During the day, the temperature of the living rooms must be 19 ° C and 17 ° C in the rooms.

Close the door of unheated rooms.Conversely, do not hesitate to open the parts where ovens are on or dryer turns, this will spread their heat.

2 - Facilitate heat diffusion

Do not place curtains in front of a radiator and do not place a linen on it.Not only can it be dangerous but it will improve heat diffusion.

Vague de froid : voici dix astuces pour faire des économies de chauffage

3 - Lower the heating when you are

It is advisable to ventilate the parts to have a healthy air, which is more in these times of COVID.When you do this - ten minutes a day, no more - lower your thermostats otherwise they would not understand this sudden drop in temperatures and increase heat and therefore consumption.

4 - Close the shutters

Close the shutters would save 2 % heating.Remember to close the shutters of other rooms and not just the room.

5 - Maintain your boiler

Maintaining your boiler would save up to 12 % heating and hot water.

This interview is also compulsory every year.

6 - Avoid too greedy electrical devices

The ideal is to bet on low -consumption or renewable energy devices.

Avoid toaster and prefer new generations (radiant or inertia panels) if you can.

7 - Track the air currents

Poor thermal insulation is the main cause of energy losses.Carrying out insulation work is very effective but it is not always financially possible.

You can already track down the air currents (using a candle or a lighter), place under the doors of door dogs or plug chimney vents that do not work of course.

If you do not have the means to put double glazing, more insulating, you can always make them using adhesive seals or expansive foam.You can also stick a plastic movie on single glazing windows.

8 - Avoid extra radiators

Avoid extra radiators, it's a false good idea.They are far too energy -consuming.

9 - Invest in plaids, hot water bottles and...the rugs

It's common sense: to be less cold, cover yourself!Put several layers, it's better, and wrap yourself in a plaid or a blanket.

The carpet can also serve as insulation.

You also have the good old hot water bottle.It's inexpensive and it allows you to warm up quickly.

10 - Heat up with a candle

Several brands offer extra heating using candles.It is a dome of terracotta in the shape of a igloo which concentrates the heat produced by the flames of the candles.

This system which would increase the temperature of the part of 2 ° C, costs around 100 euros.