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How to cook a salmon in a foil?Useful tips and 5 easy -to -test recipes

When looking for cool ideas to offer a healthy, light and delicious meal, salmon often comes to mind.This fish rich in nutrients turns out to be a fantastic way to feast on healthy food and easy to prepare throughout the year.What is more, it is part of many diets including the ketogenic diet, so you can easily adapt it to its daily menu.After examining the best ideas with smoked salmon, today we offer you another excellent way to cook royal fish.We are talking in particular about the preparation of salmon in papillote.That's all you need to know about this culinary method.We also provide you with five easy and quick recipes not to fail to test this summer.

Have you ever cooked the salmon in a foil?

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La technique de cuisson du poisson en papillote

As you can guess, it is a culinary technique, and more particularly a cooking method which consists in closing food products in parchment paper and then bake them in the oven.As the main ingredient, we use fish, chicken or meat.It is also possible to add vegetables, herbs, citrus, etc..At the time of cooking, the papillote fills with steam.The latter infuses the fish of delicious flavors from vegetables and spices.

It is a simple technique which consists in wrapping the fish in paper

Why cook a fish in the oven?

Since it is a healthy and fairly simple cooking method.And above all, because after cooking, the fish remains tender and juicy.Steam cooking also allows the rest of the ingredients to release their flavors in the papillote and thus perfectly decorate the fish.What is more, you enjoy a pleasant presentation.

In this way, we keep the juicy and tender fish

Which paper to use for your oven salmon foil?

Normally, either can be used as parchment paper or aluminum foil.However, according to studies, when aluminum foil comes into contact with food, it can become toxic.This is especially valid for cooking with lemon.The acidity of the citrus attack attacks aluminum foil and consequently it can transfer toxic particles to food, which is not good for health.

The most suitable paper for this type of cooking is parchment paper

The best type of salmon to make a salmon foil

As we have already mentioned above, cooking in papillote is a method that works well with various types of fish and meat.However, each piece of salmon is different.These are some tips on the choice of salmon perfect for cooking in a papillote:

Select the best pieces of the fish by taking into account the tips above

How to wrap a paper salmon?

Normally, it's very easy to wrap the salmon in paper.Some people prefer to cut the parchment paper in the shape of a heart, while others opt for a song in the shape of an oval.Here is an idea how to proceed:

Comment cuire un saumon en papillote ? Conseils utiles et 5 recettes faciles à tester

Different ways to wrap the salmon in paper

Salmon cooking time in foil

Another superb advantage of cooking the salmon in papillote it is the speed.Thanks to the wet heat that is created inside the envelope, it is a relatively fast cooking.Normally, depending on the thickness of the salmon, it takes about 12 minutes of cooking at temperature of about 190 ° C.Also note that the fish continues to cook inside the package so you should cut it and serve immediately.

Cooking the salmon in a foil takes about 10 to 15 minutes depending on the thickness of the piece

Baked salmon papillote: classic recipe

Ingredients :

Preparation :

Classic version of the salmon in the oven in parchment

Salmon recipe in basil and vegetables

This year, have you decided to try to cultivate a pot -in -house basil?So, do not delay testing this delicious salmon recipe with fresh basil butter.

Ingredients :

For basil butter:

Preparation :

For basil butter: in a bowl, mix the butter with salt, basil, parsley and lemon zest.Fridge.


A healthy and delicious meal with salmon, basil and vegetables

Papillote salmon steak on a zucchini bed

After discovering the effective methods for freezing zucchini in your garden, are you looking for original ideas to integrate them into your favorite recipes?Here is a good suggestion of meals at the salmon base on a zucchini bed.

Ingredients :

Preparation :


Papillote salmon on zucchini bed

Salmon Papillote recipe in soy and ginger sauce

Ingredients :

Preparation :

Prepare the royal fish with soy sauce and ginger

Papillote oven salmon with roasted potatoes

A variation of the salmon in the oven with roasted potato garnish for addicts with easy and quick recipes with potatoes!

Ingredients :

For roasted potatoes:

Preparation :


Salmon in the oven with potatoes