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"Buttons" around the eyes and on the body: discover the causes and solutions

Commonly called “teats”, acrochordons are growths of the skin that appear in the form of small soft balls.Although indolored, these growths are unsightly and sometimes cause discomfort.In this article, discover the causes and solutions to get rid of these small “buttons” on the body.


What is an acrochordon?What is the difference between a tighting, a wart and a mole?What are the causes of acrochordons?What are the possible treatments ?

Acrochordon represents an outgrowth of the skin which forms dermis and the epidermis, the first two layers which our skin is made up.To evoke these unsightly lesions, doctors can use the terms “molluscum pendulum” or “fibroepithelial polyp”.If you have acrochordons, know that these are benign and completely harmless lesions.To help you understand what these growths are, let's go around the question.

What is an acrochordon?

A acrochordon is a soft lesion or outgrowth of the skin.Generally, this lesion is located in the areas of skin folds, namely in the armpits, groin or neck.As Dr. Isabelle Gallay, a dermatologist, indicates, the acrochordons are relatively frequent and develop mainly in the wetlands of the body which are confronted with perspiration.

The acrochordons can appear on the neck - Source: SPM

These small lesions are of the same color as the skin or slightly darker, explains Professor Dérno, dermatologist and chief of the dermato-canterology service at the Nantes University Hospital.Also called "soft fibroma", acrochordon is actually a benign tumor of the fibroid family.This little outgrowth is not cancerous, it is not useful to remove it if it is not annoying.

What is the difference between a tighting, a wart and a mole?

Often confused with warts or beauty grains, acrochordons have a different appearance.

The acrochordons are benign lesions - Source: SPM

Beauty grains are often in relief and pigmented, while acrochordons are growths of skin -colored skin.In addition, beauty grains can degenerate into melanoma (skin cancer) when there is an abnormal proliferation of melanocytes, skin cells that produce melanin.

Beauty grains are pigmented - Source: SPM

The acrochordons remain completely mild.In addition, warts are caused by a viral infection by the human papillomavirus.Contamination occurs either by direct contact (skin to skin) or by indirect contact (a contaminated surface).

The warts are caused by the human papillomavirus - Source: SPM

« Boutons » autour des yeux et sur le corps : découvrez les causes et les solutions

The acrochordons are not linked to a viral infection and are not transmitted.

What are the causes of acrochordons?

The causes of acrochordons are still poorly understood.However, it would seem that aging of the skin is a risk factor since it generates a relaxation of the skin, explains Professor.

Skin aging promotes these growths - Source: SPM

When the skin relaxes, it promotes the appearance of folds, and therefore acrochordons.In addition, these small growths appear frequently in overweight or obesity.In addition, diabetics and pregnant women are more likely to see acrochordons, says Dr. Gallay.Finally, a genetic factor exists since it is sometimes found several members of the same family presenting these skin growths.

What are the possible treatments ?

Unless these growths become annoying, there is no medical indication to treat them.However, sometimes acrochordons make irritations when they get stuck in clothes regularly for example.They can also cause inflammatory syndrome.In these cases, it is advisable to consult a doctor so that these growths can be treated.

A dermatologist can offer you solutions to eliminate acrochordon - Source: SPM

Please note, never handle these lesions at the risk of causing bleeding and infecting the skin.To remove a acrochordon, several medical treatments can be offered:

The doctor uses this cold therapy to burn these pieces of skin by depositing liquid nitrogen.

This technique removes the acrochordon using an electric scalpel.

The laser is a surgical solution which consists in using a laser C02 on the skin and cut or burn the acrochordon.

It should also be noted that even when we remove these benign growths to make them disappear, the risk of recurrence exists.These skin lesions may appear a few years later.

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