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Series: "Totems", Romeo and Juliet during the Cold War

A new episode of totems is broadcast every Friday on the Prime Video platform.This spy series plunges the spectator in the 1960s, against the backdrop of a cold war.The Amazon and Gaumont co -production also attracts by its classy casting, with actor Niels Schneider in the main role.

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Série : « Totems », Roméo et Juliette pendant la guerre froide

In 1965, while scholars of the East block passed to the west, Francis Mareuil, a young aerospace engineer, was recruited by the French secret services.His mission: to establish contact with a Russian astrophysicist, inventor of a remote control system used, without his knowledge, to equip an atomic bomb.Inexperienced and naive, Francis Mareuil does not suspect that the scientist's own daughter, whom he falls in love at first glance, informs the KGB.

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From the torn curtain of Hitchcock to the Spielberg Pont des Espions de Spielberg, the spy film against the background of a cold war is a codified genre that has flourished in the cinema as in the series (The Americans, Deutschland 83, in the service of France).Produced by Amazon and Gaumont, totems arouses curiosity by its ambitions and its classy distribution: Niels Schneider, Ana Girardot, Lambert Wilson, José Garcia ... A poster all the more attractive as the scenario is signed Olivier Dujols, who made his weaponsOn the legendary desk, and Juliette Soubrier, author of the very successful fantastic series white area.

Neither gadgets nor waterfalls

Despite often predictable twists and turns and some caricatured characters (such as Virgile, the adventurer who saw too much, addicted to drugs), the first episodes we could see rather their promises.From East Berlin to Paris and Moscow, the reconstruction of a Europe divided by the iron curtain is neat, and the climate of paranoia, palpable.

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In reverse of technological gadgets and spectacular cascades of James Bond, Totems revive an era when spies in moccasins and gabardine had little other means at their disposal than to open the tap of the bathroom to blur themicrophone.Very influenced by the comic strip, the staging draws a certain poetry of the fascination of the characters for the moon, on which the man had not yet set foot.

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