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Upcycled Sewing: Sewing a Patchwork and Appliqué Placemat

"Nothing is lost, everything is transformed", Lavoisier's famous adage applies particularly to DIY. Scraps of wallpaper, ends of balls and leftover fabrics, there are many ways to give a new use to materials that we thought could no longer be used. As far as sewing is concerned, two techniques make it possible to reuse scraps of fabric: patchwork sewing and appliqué.

Recycled sewing: sewing a placemat in patchwork and appliqué

DIY upcycled: using scraps of fabric to sew appliqués

Quilting consists of sewing a single piece of textile using pieces of different fabrics, often of the same shape although this is not mandatory. Sewing appliqués is a customization process, not a production process. The pattern of your choice is cut out beforehand in a fabric, which is then sewn (or glued, if it is iron-on appliqués) on a fabric support. Both quite easy to master, these sewing techniques nevertheless require a little patience and meticulousness.

Video of the day:

Sewing upcycled: tutorial for sewing a placemat

Made using two sewing tips: appliqué and patchwork, this DIY placemat is made entirely of recycled fabrics . Do you have leftover fabric scraps from previous sewing projects? Do not hesitate to reuse them to sew table or household linen, as here. To make patchwork or appliqué sewing, it is also possible to recycle clothes that you no longer wear, such as jeans forgotten in the back of your wardrobe.

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Design and production: Vania Leroy Thuillier
Creation: Tania Zaoui
Photo: Fabrice Besse

Published in Issue 146