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18 eco-friendly (and affordable) gift ideas

For a birthday, for Christmas or for a special event, here is a list of X ideas of eco-responsible products to offer. To be eco-friendly even in the choice of your gifts.

Eco-friendly right down to the purchase of gifts! Have you changed your consumption habits? Are you sorting? Are you minimizing your water consumption? Do you eat local and seasonal? Do you prefer organic? Do you choose to buy in bulk and in jars for zero-waste shopping? So there's no reason why you shouldn't choose gifts that reflect your commitments to ecology and the environment. To help you find the perfect gifts to give to your family, loved ones, friends, lovers, we have made a selection of 18 eco-responsible gift ideas for you, from ecological and ethical brands. And there is something for everyone: for children and adults. Beauty products and cosmetics, clothes or toys. You can also put them in your Christmas wishlist to be sure to unwrap gifts that suit you!

1) Selection of eco-responsible gifts for the home

For a comfortable and eco-responsible home, here are several ecological and ethical objects to offer (or to offer yourself, there's no reason why you shouldn't treat yourself too).

Eco-friendly gift n°1: Mexican Falsa blanket in hand-looped recycled yarn

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For a moment of relaxation and softness… without guilt because the ideal throw to hang out on the sofa is made from 100% recycled fibres. A little extra: when it is folded, it can be used as a cushion.

Eco-responsible gift n°2: Organic infusion box to compose yourself, made in France

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Box with eight organic plants to infuse selected by a herbalist to create your own herbal teas. A book of eight recipes allows you to make a relaxing herbal tea or a soothing herbal tea for the throat with plants made in France harvested in Corrèze.

Eco-responsible gift n°3:a calendar to plant at the price of 12.96 euros at Dream Act

Calendar made up of thirteen sheets sown with seeds of tomato, pepper, strawberry, mint or wildflowers, to be planted once the month is over. It is imagined, printed and shaped in France (in the Chevreuse Valley). An ecological gift but also zero waste.

Eco-responsible gift n°4: French Lavender Natural scented candle with soy wax and essential oils

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Offer a scented candle made in France, handmade, with a natural cotton wick in 100% vegetable and eco-responsible wax from a French brand. Several flavors are available: Jasmine flower, orange blossom, almond cream, fresh grass, wild musk, black tea, etc.

Eco-responsible gift n°5:a solar tree to recharge your electronic devices at the price of 110 euros at Cadeau Maestro

Thanks to three photovoltaic panels, this solar tree can recharge your smartphone or connected headphones with renewable energy. In addition, it is made from eco-materials and bamboo.

2) Selection of eco-responsible gifts for the bathroom

Today, it is possible to have 100% vegan beauty products and cosmetics , 100% cruelty free, 100% natural, 100% organic, in short: 100% eco-friendly. Here is the proof.

Eco-responsible gift n°6: Cosmetic box to make yourself: 50 recipes for natural beauty

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Make your own deodorant, solid shampoo and make-up remover with natural and organic ingredients (white clay, baking soda or organic yellow beeswax) . Detailed recipes are included, as well as the measuring cup. An ideal gift for people who like to take care of themselves, while respecting the environment.

Eco-responsible gift n°7:a kit to make your own makeup remover discs for 22.95 euros at Nature & Discovery

This box allows you to start crocheting (beginner level) and make your own reusable make-up remover discs. An ecological alternative to disposable cottons to limit waste. You can also make your shower flower reusable. All from 100% organic cotton.

Eco-responsible gift n°8: Oak Wood Toothbrush with Rechargeable Head

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You have to change your toothbrush every three to four months, for hygiene reasons. So to limit waste, on this ecological toothbrush you just have to unclip and change the head and reuse the oak wood handle indefinitely. That's 92% plastic waste avoided. In addition, it is made in France.

18 eco-friendly gift ideas ( and affordable)

3) Selection of eco-responsible gifts for children

There is no age to learn to be eco-responsible. So here is a list of toys and soft toys for your children, respectful of the environment.

Eco-responsible gift n°9:a giraffe hot water bottle made in France at the price of 24.90 euros at Nature & Discovery

A giraffe-shaped soft toy that will warm your little ones' bed. Just put the hot water bottle in the microwave for a minute so that it is hot. It is made of wheat grains harvested between Toulouse and Montpellier, lavender flowers picked in Provence and the cuddly toy is sewn in the South of France, in short, it is 100% made in France. The hot water bottle also exists in the shape of a penguin.

Eco-responsible gift n°10:a wonderful storyteller at the price of 79.90 euros at Nature & Discovery

The wonderful storyteller knows sixty-six stories (from one to ten minutes) to entertain children. It is made in France and it does not broadcast waves. An ideal gift.

Eco-responsible gift n°11:a train made in France at the price of 22.90 euros at Altermundi

For your child, from 12 months old, offer this four-wheeled locomotive from the Simple Toy brand. This train is made of recycled plastic and its structure without glue, screws or stickers makes it a 100% recyclable toy. It is an eco-designed toy in Auvergne, 100% Made in France. Available in several colors: blue and green.

Eco-responsible gift no. 12:a wooden learning cube at the price of 17.99 euros at Maison du monde

For children from ten months, its wooden animals will amuse them. They are made of FSC®-certified wood (meaning that it comes from responsible management of forests around the world, and the products thus preserve the wood resource and biodiversity).

4) Selection of eco-responsible gifts for dressing

Fashion can be eco-responsible, yes. The proof with this selection of clothes, shoes, accessories to offer to eco-stylists.

Eco-responsible gift n°13:a pair of Made in France sneakers at the price of 150 euros at Dream Act

These unisex trainers from Jules & Jeans are perfect for being stylish all the way to your toes. They are made in France with white leather and the laces are cotton.

Eco-responsible gift n°14:a pair of alpaca wool gloves at the price of 59 euros at Dream Act

These alpaca wool gloves from the BellePaga brand are designed in Belgium and made in Peru by local artisans. The ethical brand undertakes to remunerate them at the right price. The wool comes from alpacas raised in the wild in the Andes Cordillera, shorn in the spring (a shearing necessary for their well-being). The gloves are available in several colors.

Eco-responsible gift n°15:a backpack for 64.90 euros at Dream Act

Bag with adjustable straps, designed in France and made of organic cotton by an Indian NGO, SSMI, which works for the emancipation of women and the education of children in India. An ethical production.

Eco-responsible gift n°16:a recycled fiber bodysuit made in France at the price of 110 euros at Dream Act

The Sans prétention brand, which is committed to making Made in France lingerie, offers lace and microfiber bodysuits made of recycled fibers and organic cotton. It is a 100% vegan product.

To accessorize your outfits, while being eco-responsible, you will find here a selection of five of the most stylish wooden watches.

5) Selection of eco-responsible gifts for traveling

Do you prefer to travel by train rather than by plane to limit your carbon footprint? Travel green with its eco-responsible travel accessories. Even on vacation, you don't forget your commitments.

Eco-responsible gift n°17:a 22-litre backpack for 69.95 euros at Nature & Discovery

These backpacks from the Jack Wolfskin brand (committed to protecting the environment), in black, are perfect for hiking enthusiasts. And what's more, the bag is made from 100% recycled polyester.

Eco-responsible gift n°18:an ecological stainless steel water bottle

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For hiking enthusiasts, this insulated stainless steel water bottle to slip into the OAÏ brand backpack will be the ideal gift and the perfect alternative to plastic bottles. For a zero-waste stay in the mountains.


To complete your ecological approach, opt for zero-waste gift wrapping. You can use kraft paper, you can recycle your newspapers and magazines, you can also use fabric or big tote type fabric bags to wrap gifts. Otherwise, we have selected seeded paper for you to plant once the gift has been unwrapped, a zero-waste and mille-fleurs alternative.

Eco-responsible gift wrap:a roll of 5 A3 sheets for 12.95 euros at L'Avantgardiste

Moisten the paper once the gift is uncovered and plant the paper seeded with flower seeds outdoors between March and October (or all year round indoors).