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9 tips to follow to have less dust at home

Dust can tend to accumulate very quickly if nothing is done to limit it. By applying a few simple gestures on a daily basis, it is quite possible to limit its appearance. Here's how.

9 tips to follow to have less dust at home

How to limit dust at home?

To prevent dust from accumulating too quickly in our interior, apply these simple gestures! Start by installing two doormats ideally: the first, to be placed in front of your door outside, the second behind your door, inside. This filters the dust effectively. Then, ventilate your home daily. 10 minutes a day is enough to renew the air and limit dust in your home. However, avoid leaving your windows open for hours. Then, if possible, avoid laying carpet on the floor. This coating is a dust nest, and promotes the appearance of dust mites. To avoid vacuuming your carpet every day, prefer another floor covering, such as parquet, tiles, which are easier to clean.

Simple tips to reduce dust accumulation at home

Dust can also accumulate more quickly in your home when you do not change your sheets regularly. Ideally, it is recommended that you change your sheets once a week, or every ten days or so. Also remember to clean the foliage of your houseplants, which systematically catch dust. Finally, if you have a cat, consider choosing a covered litter box to limit the spread of dust.

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