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Cat accessories: The best products for your pet

Hygiene accessories

Here is a non -exhaustive list of essential accessories for impeccable hygiene:

To tame cat hair, the use of a suitable brush is essential.Both practical and easy to use, the anti-poil brush allows you to get rid of hair balls on your sofas, sheets, clothes, carpets ... no need for battery or adhesive tape!A single accessory is enough.

To prevent your cat from ingesting hair balls, it is important to brush it regularly, especially during the moult.At the same time, this grooming allows you to relax, tone your muscles and detect possible parasites.

Before welcoming a cat, plan a litter tray where he can do his needs.Open models are perfect for kittens while closed bins are more suitable for adults.

These accessories are essential for the maintenance of the bac.The shovel is used to collect excrement and urine balls.For its part, the litter carpet prevents the cat from transporting gravel everywhere in the house when it comes out of its tank.Before purchasing, remember to check the dimensions and ease of maintenance of the carpet.

For your cat's comfort

In order to provide a comfortable environment to your cat, integrate accessories for rest into your purchase list.Plan one or more soft beds.You have the choice between a cushion, a niche, a hammock, a basket, a basket ... Once the accessory delivered to your home, think of installing it in a quiet location, far from the air and not very lit.

Is your cat fragile enough or too low to regulate its body temperature?Opt for a heating cushion.With this accessory, your pet does not have to provide much effort to warm up.If he is sick, he will recover faster.

Good to know: self-heating cushions are the easiest to use.No need for electricity or a few minutes in the microwave so that they give off comforting warmth!

Accessoires Chat : les meilleurs produits pour votre animal de compagnie

For his meal

To feed your cat, you need 2 types of accessories, namely:

The ideal is to favor a large and shallow cat cat.The container should not slip when he eats.In addition, it must be large enough so that the mustaches of your pet do not come into contact with the edges, because it may be unpleasant to it.

Also choose an easy -to -wash bowl.Indeed, daily cleaning is necessary to avoid the proliferation of bacteria.

A cat needs to hydrate regularly.The water bowl can be made of glass, stainless steel or ceramic.The main thing is to separate it from the container intended for food to keep water clean.

If your cat is not used to drinking throughout the day, prefer the water fountain to the bowl.The flowing water permanently attracts the animal, thus encouraging it to hydrate more.

For the well-being of your cat

Cats are players, whatever their race or age.To occupy it in your absence, bet on the following accessories:

The scratches are your allies to prevent your cat from letting go of your furniture or textiles (curtains for example).

If your pet lives mainly indoors, it absolutely makes a cat tree.This accessory should allow him to play acrobat, hide, sharpen his claws and relax in height.Everything he needs to have fun and observe his environment!

In order to stimulate your cat's natural instinct, offer them various games such as feathered rods, stuffed animals, vibrant mouse or tunnel.

The choice of writing: brush picks up reusable

Tired of vacuuming on your carpets or blankets?To save time while saving on your electricity bill, invest in this brush pickup.This accessory has won us over for several reasons.On the one hand, it displays a formidable efficiency against animal hair, whether it be cats, dogs or rabbits.Thanks to the electrostatic load, it attracts dirt in the tank in a few seconds.

This plush brush is suitable for cleaning different supports, including the sofa, the duvet, the carpet, the cushion, the clothes and the car seats.

17,99 €21,99 € 33601

Waterproof and resistant litter carpet

To keep your home impeccable, nothing beats this rubber litter carpet.It is made up of 2 layers.That in honeycomb retains a maximum of litter grains.We particularly appreciate the quality of the lower layer.Waterproof and resistant to urine, it ensures perfect sealing.To adopt without hesitation if you are looking for an effective accessory to protect your floor covering!

18,49 €17,99 € 2959

Rectangular litter carpet ideal for kittens

Have you just adopted a kitten?The writing has selected this simple layer litter carpet for you.Due to its dimensions, it is more suitable for brushing the legs of kittens.To eliminate the litter particles accumulated between the pins, simply shake the carpet.A vacuum cleaner can also do the trick.In addition, this PVC carpet is easily cleaned with clear water.A simple weekly rinsing is to be expected for optimal cleanliness.

3,90 €1789

The most playful: cat tree with scratches

Want to set up a playing space for your pet?We suggest this cat tree.This sweet plush accessory has everything you need to play, expend and rest.The comfortable den invites your cat to hide or relax when it feels the need.The suspended ball, on the other hand, promises hours of fun.The tower also includes 2 perfect panoramic platforms to monitor the surroundings.Finally, the posts covered with Sisal act as scratches, thus making it possible to keep your cat away from your furniture.

43,95 €3157

The most comfortable: self-heating cushion

To offer comfortable sleeping to your cat, we offer this self-heating cushion of 60 x 45 cm.Once your animal be lying on it, the carpet stores its body heat and restores it in a pleasant way.The cover being in wool, it presents a soft texture which will not fail to delight it.This self-heating cushion is installed everywhere: on the sofa, on the ground, in the car and even outside.

19,98 €2707
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