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Consumption: the French are rushing to the canapes

Sofa sales are soaring in stores. The French indeed spend more time at home and seek comfort.

Consumption: the French are rushing to canapes

Since March 2020, Cécile Dumont, speaker, has been spending all her time at home. So she decided to change salons. "We wanted to have fun, something soft, comfortable, she confides to the teams of France Télévisions. It really corresponded to a need for interior comfort."

Lack of lead time for sofas made in France

In 2020, the French increased their spending on their sofa by 15%. This move upmarket benefits sellers. "With the confinement, there was telework, (…) I was on my sofa a lot and that's when I realized that it was not comfortable, that it was too small", confides a buyer. The manufacture of the model abroad, however, conditioned its purchase on a four-month wait. In another store, where sofas are made in France near Poitiers (Vienne), orders arrive on time. Result: 50% more sales in recent months compared to last year.

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