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Emily in Paris: where to buy the decoration of your apartment

In contrast to her luxurious and flamboyant clothing, Emily in Paris's apartment plays the sobriety card.A very relative sobriety, less hits the eye but where the accumulation and vintage nevertheless have their place.Decryption!

Emily, dapper and young American, settled in Paris for professional reasons.She discovers an art of living there far from her native chicago, sometimes caricatured, but often charming.So, even if this series reacts a lot with its approximations, its outfits worthy of Fashion Week and other shots, it is nonetheless one of the fetish meetings of Netflix.If you have already revealed you everything about how to get Emily's wardrobe, it is time to decipher your interior, a two-piece, on the fifth floor without elevator, in the middle of the Latin quarter, between the Pantheon and the garden ofLuxembourg.So chic!

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Reproduce the decoration of Emily in Paris's apartment

Far from the Haussmannian style, which we could expect, it is a completely different atmosphere that is revealed in the apartment rented by Emily.No moldings or chimney, or even design furniture, but rather a heterogeneous decoration made of odds and ends.Mobilier seeming to have been hunned, even out of time, mixture of styles for an atmosphere between bohemian living room and hippie bedroom.Want to live for a moment like Emily and receive her best friend Mindy?For this we (re) painted the walls in a broken white and we opt for natural materials.Natural wood kitchen, rattan shelf, wicker basket ... and above all we dare the kitsch assumed with a woolen review holder for example.Emily's decor is uninhibited, without headache.The prints and the colors simply mix, the ladies-jeannes hang out on the ground and our clothes are exposed on holders open to the sight of all.
Alors, prêt à succomber au « french art de vivre » façon Emily in Paris ?

Natural wooden kitchen

© Presse

Reform, price according to implantation

Amphora lamp

© Presse

Hkliving at Nedgis, € 239

Emily in Paris : où acheter la déco de son appart

Canning shelf

© Presse

Made.com, 69 €


© Presse

The interior redoubt, € 125 99

Retro phone

© Presse

The Cool Republic, € 69

Leather handles for kitchen furniture

© Presse

Ikea, € 11 for 2

Linen bed sofa

© Presse

AM.PM, 2700 € 99

Flowery cousin

© Presse

Setti at Made in Design, € 87

Wicker basket

© Presse

Søstrene Grene, 19 € 48

Vintage reviewer

© Presse

Gucci, 1950 €

Wearing with shelves

© Presse

Leroy Merlin, 99 € 90

Kilim carpet

© Presse

Zara Home, from € 219


© Presse

Drawer, € 189

Black bedside table

© Presse

Ethnicraft, € 479

Ancient geography card

© Presse

Pretty boards, € 60