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How to receive well in a small space?

Those who live in small spaces know this: you have to optimize your habitat to make it the most functional and the most pleasant as possible!The same goes for receiving his loved ones in a studio.Furniture, organization and suitable state of mind, here are 7 tips to optimize your small space and make parties, brunches and unforgettable aperitifs.


Store your small space

Take out the Marie Kondo who lies sleeping in you: throw, sort, give these objects that clutter you.

Once you see more clearly, it will be the time to optimize your storage.To receive your loved ones, you will have to make a clear place.Place your magazines, plaids and other trinkets in boxes to slide under the sofa for example.

Also think of the clever storage: the modular shelves that adapt to your needs by alternating open and closed storage or even low and poufs with integrated storage.

A stored space will look visually greater!

Make room for the coats of your guests

A problem that we do not always think of: where are you going to install the bags and coats of your guests?In a small space, each cm² counts, do not let the down jackets and other tote bags take place unnecessarily on a sofa or a chair.

Comment bien recevoir dans un petit espace ?

You may, momentarily, have to reorganize the storage of your entry.If you are lucky to have a wardrobe, add empty hangers and place your own things in height if necessary.

In a reduced space, the coats are very good solutions to store coats and bags in the entrance, not taking up space on the ground.Install a bundle of coats, a real daily wall decor which will prove to be very practical when your loved ones will land.

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Think of the dining tables save space

A great way to optimize the space, the space saving table.If on a daily basis, you only need a small table, it is growing upon arrival of your guests.Several solutions of dining tables save space are available to you:

Opt for a foot coffee table

The Gigogne coffee table has everything good: nested one in each other, these tables will deploy, in duet or in trio, as soon as the aperitif time has struck.

On a daily basis, the foot tables will therefore come to pile up to act as a mini bass or the end of the sofa.But when the party begins, they invest space and place themselves in such a way that everyone has chips at hand.

Favor mobile seats

So that everyone can sit in your small space, you will have to show ingenuity: stackable stools are a great idea just like folding chairs that can hang on the wall or store in a cupboard without takingToo much space at the end of the party.

Throw a few cushions on the floor and make all wood: a solid bedside table can serve as a stool and your bed on which you will have thrown a nice eddon or a soft bench plaid.

Optimize the kitchen

On the kitchen side (small space par excellence), don't let yourself go!

Anticipate as much as possible: get rid of your work plan for household appliances and accessories that you will not need and make sure that the sink and/or the dishwasher is emptied when your guests arrive.

Provide extra beds

Sometimes, at the end of the evening, it happens that some and some feel so well that they stay sleeping at your home ... so as not to let yourself be caught up in the deprived, you will have to plan a few extra beds.

The inflatable mattress takes up little space.Electric models can inflate (and deflate) very quickly.Once emptied of air, they are very compact and slip without problem in a closet.

Other extra sleeping solutions: sofa beds, daybeds and why not camp beds.