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Light signals, noises, failure... how to fix boiler problems?

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I certify that I am not sending unwanted e-mailsThe boiler is acting up? Before calling a specialist, we check that we cannot solve the problem ourselves. Our tracks...

What's wrong with my boiler? Before calling for help, a check-up is essential.

Light signals, noises, breakdown .. . how to fix boiler problems?

What should I do if my boiler is flashing?

Pull out the technical booklet for the device to find out what the lights and fault codes correspond to. Did we lose it? We go on the Internet: by typing the reference of its boiler, it is easily found.

Why is my boiler making funny noises?

Even if it gurgles all the way to the radiators, it's not as bad as it sounds. It's just that there's a lack of water in the machine and you have to apply pressure again: the pressure gauge needle should always be between 1 and 1.5 bar. Bleeding the radiators may also be necessary, but it is often included in the annual maintenance contract, which costs an average of €120 per year... So, you might as well wait for the intervention of the pro if you don't want to struggle (in general, we put it everywhere).

SOS my boiler doesn't work at all

It doesn't work at all anymore? We check that we still have electricity and gas before panicking – it may just be a temporary cut in the GRDF/Enedis network. We also make sure that everything is well connected, that the fuses are OK and the batteries of the thermostat too. Always nothing ? No need to try to tweak, we risk doing more damage than anything else. It is better to immediately call the after-sales service of the manufacturer or an approved service provider (not the multi-service company that left its leaflet in our mailbox, or watch out for the invoice!).

Thanks to Florence Drouault, communications director, and Jacky Dufier, after-sales service director, Bosch-elm.leblanc