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We have tested the technogym acting sitting ballness

Publié lepar Olivia Roks©Technogym

New, funny, green, practico ... Each month, the writing flows into the water and tests a novelty.This time, honor to the Wellness Active Sitting Ball in Technogym.Verdict.

The concept

She looks like a fitness swiss but plays her much smarter.Sitting on the Active Sitting Ball Wellness of Technogym makes it possible to stimulate the active sitting position.A new seater!Stable and safe, it defines itself as the healthy version of the chair.In balance on the ball, our position becomes active and correct.It promises to tone the abs, back muscles and improve balance and coordination during work trying to prevent sagging, back pain and feeling of fatigue.In summary, this "ball" fights against sedentary lifestyle by transforming passive sites into active exercises that improve our well-being.

On a testé la Wellness Active Sitting Ball de Technogym

How it works?

When the box is opened, I see that everything is planned.A pump is delivered with to inflate the balloon.You should not use a compressor.Thirty minutes later, the “ball” took shape.I slide it in its black cover and easily positions it thanks to a robust handle in technical fabric located on the side and which allows it to be directed.For my part, the ball serves as a desk chair, its size and its height are perfect.It is very stable with a lower part made of a denser and non -slip material to stabilize it and prevent it from rolling.

As for design and materials, they are designed for a fairly comfortable and dynamic seat.The Wellness Active Sitting Ball of Technogym is manufactured in Italy with a superior quality PVC, without phthalates and latex.A day goes without my classic office chair.I forget that I am on a ball, but at the end of the day my buttocks remind me.Over the days, I realize that my posture is more straight, I use less.In addition to playing the role of intelligent chair, it is also possible to transform the "ball" into a fitness ball to carry out stretching and reinforcement exercises at home or at the office.With the Mywellness application, just scan the QR code and we access hundreds of videos and exercises.

The verdict

Nothing like a back to school!A very interesting new seat.My position is better, sitting on the "ball" I stand much straight, impossible to sag me.A good plan for the return to work or the resumption of smooth sports.Most?Pretty and design, we even readily adopt it at home, in the living room or elsewhere.


‘Wellness Active Sitting Ball’ (D 55cm), Technogym, 245 euros.


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