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Which garden furniture for small space to choose for idleness from spring to fall?

The good weather is coming back and your desire to take air outside with?The ideal opportunity to offer you new garden furniture or change yours.Do you hesitate?Arrange a little exterior seems difficult to you?No way !With a little imagination and some decorative tips, it is quite possible to optimize it easily and at low prices.It doesn't matter whether you have a narrow balcony or a small wooden terrace, here are 10+ Small space garden furniture to pimp your outdoor corner!The most beautiful models of the moment are here!

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Which small space garden furniture to pimp your corner terrace this spring-summer 2022?

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Having a small garden furniture is a chance, especially in town!Thanks to a well thought out development, this corner can quickly become synonymous with pleasure and relaxation, despite the reduced space.A reading break under the sun, a good cup of coffee at sunset or a family brunch in the fresh air, that it is good to enjoy your little outside!If you have a mini urban garden, do not miss the possibility of installing a compact garden furniture!Suspended table, foldable chairs, room gain stools and easy to store, falling plants, light decoration ... There is necessarily an idea to copy to arrange a garden furniture in a small outdoor space.Here are 10 to inspire you!

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Quel salon de jardin pour petit espace choisir pour farnienter du printemps à l’automne ?

How to arrange a small garden furniture?Fortunately, there are many products to sublimate it and visually enlarge.Among the ideas most popular with decorative lovers, there is room furniture like a Debout Eat, a freelance lounge table or foldable chairs that we choose light color to further accentuate the printing of size.

Chic, authentic and timeless, the wooden garden furniture sublime each outdoor corner, even the smallest.In addition to its design look, the wooden garden furniture seduces for its increased longevity.With a good adequate interview, its durability is ensured.Another major advantage of the wooden garden furniture is that it is aimed at all budgets.Pin and acacia models are stored in the most affordable trade show category.

If the cheap wooden garden furniture is still successful on our balconies and terraces, it is because it does not neglect the limited surfaces.Some tinkers even embark on the manufacture of a balcony living room in wooden pallets which they then wake up with colored textiles like cushions with pattern or decorative accessories for the coffee table on wheels.

To optimize the reduced space of a small balcony or a mini terrace, choosing space saving furniture is a must!Here are some little tips:

In the same way as the interior furniture, the garden furniture is modeled on the outdoor 2022 trends.Durable and easy -to -food materials, vitamin colors, slender design, cheap garden salons stick to trends that sublimate our house.To renovate your terrace corner without spending too much, you put on the aluminum garden furniture made up of a sofa, an armchair and a coffee table.This is enough to inject a good dose of color to your small outdoor space.

To install a garden furniture on a small balcony, make way for functional furniture and greenery!Visually delimit the lounge area with an outdoor carpet on which Note feet.Then take care of the atmosphere with falling plants to create a small zen corner and save space on the ground.

A colorful balcony

Small 4 -seater wooden outdoor living room

A very elegant design outdoor living room

A small iron furniture furniture