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Lab - Dreame Bot W10: floor scrubber or 2-in-1 robot?

The Dreame Bot W10 review was recently published on our site. If the device managed to remove stains well in our laboratory, it remains to be seen whether it is as effective as a robot vacuum cleaner.

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We don't usually complete the test after it's published, but it must be said that hybrid robots do not make our work easier. While we have two different categories, floor mopping robot and robot vacuum cleaner, some manufacturers have fun combining the two within the same device. The Dreame Bot W10 is part of this new category, along with the Roborock S7 MaxV Ultra, whose test has also been published, accompanied by an article describing its washing performance.

As such, we wanted to know the suction capabilities of the Dreame. During the washing tests, we were pleasantly surprised by its efficiency. And for good reason, its rotating mops had managed to get rid of the stains encrusted on the floor of our laboratory, except those of lipstick, which were particularly stubborn.

Lab – Dreame Bot W10: Scrubber floor or 2-in-1 robot?

So we took the robot out of its box again. We install our carpets, weigh 100 g of rice and install the W10 on the floor. This time, we amputate his two mops — that's not what interests us. The robot vacuum testing procedure then kicks in. The Dreame vacuums a total of six times: on hard floors, thin carpets and thick carpets, each time set to its standard power and its maximum power.

The robot is a bit slow to scan the surface and takes 5 min to complete the cleaning session. It must be said that its navigation is very methodical and does not neglect any area.

During these tests, the robot was particularly effective, especially on hard floors and fine carpets. It indeed sucked up 100% of the waste, whether it was set to standard or maximum suction mode. On thick carpet, the results are good in standard mode, above the average of our comparison, but lower than those of the Neato D10 or the Dreame Bot L10 Pro, for example. Launched at its highest power, the W10 sucks up 81.5% of the waste. This time, it does better than the Neato D10, but is beaten by the Ecovacs T9 AIVI, with which it was neck and neck in standard mode.

While the Dreame Bot W10 displays more than adequate suction performance, it does not manage the maintenance of its collector on its own. It is therefore up to the user to empty it, probably after each use given its capacity of 450 ml, while the docking station has two bins to assist the washing function. As a result of vacuuming on thick carpet, grains of rice were also stuck between the main brush and the collector.

The Dreame W10 therefore fulfills its role as a hybrid robot, capable of both vacuuming and washing. However, if the maintenance of the device was particularly facilitated in washing mode, this is not the case in suction mode, and the user will have to be ready to roll up his sleeves to take advantage of it.

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