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"Atlantis", a film with a disturbing resonance, in solidarity with Ukraine

In six years and already four pancakes, the group's repertoire has matured in a beautiful way, bottleing its jazz with variable geometry of influences as varied as they are, between rock, pop, electronica and classic.After Late Bloomer in 2017, New Tales of Music in 2018 then A Glimpese of Our Hell in 2019, Cinema confirms the appetite of the trio for the soundtracks of films, even if they imagined.The cinematic character of the songs undoubtedly holds in their construction, in the way in which the central theme is treated each time in the service of an evocative atmosphere.The album grabs you by the ear to better stroll through a frame that unrolls its share of emotions, feelings, feelings, on which we would easily put images.Between Love Theme, chase, large spaces and suspense, each film title sounds like a scene from the same feature film.Pianist-songwriter-Arranger with many influences, JC Prince explains: "This new album is a kind of range of musical proposals, sometimes discussed in a very classic way, acoustic trio, sometimes more electro via programming of synthesizers.»»


Deploying a very current jazz, with its pop accents and syncopated breakbeat, The French Bastards evolves in the Movan of the Mancunian trio Gogo Penguin, on tracks cleared by Avishai Cohen, The Bad Plus, Brad Mehldau or the late Esbjörn Svesson Trio.Preceded by a residence at La Cobil, the recording sessions have gathered around JC Prince (keyboards), Augustin Garnier (battery / machines) and Laurent Fabbri (bass / synths) Three guests: Aurélie Dabre in song, Jean Guillaud atViolin and Nicolas Lapierre at the cello.On the black screen of our white nights, The French Bastards delivers a rich and mastered album: cinema is a real success.In order to honor the arrival of the newborn as it should be, the trio offers a two-step release, which will start on the stage on April 15.Those who would have aquaponey that day will catch up with Jazz Day, since the group will put the cover back on Saturday April 30 at Ninkasi Vaise, in Lyon in Lyon.

The French Bastards Friday April 15 at ILYADE (Seyssinet-Pariset), free entry