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Garden party decoration and festive atmosphere for all occasions!

Are you about to organize a truly grandiose party? So, to organize a party worthy of the name, you have to create a garden party decoration that is out of the ordinary! To help you find the miracle solution that will transform your outdoor space into a place full of joy, we have decided to show you 20 different ways to create a festive atmosphere and a cheerful decoration, no matter the occasion: birthday, wedding, baptism , thematic party and etc. The proof in pictures!

Original garden party decoration in 20 artistic proposals!

Have you already chosen a theme for your garden party? If so, it's high time to think about your garden party decoration! If you're looking for a cool idea to create a peppy atmosphere, take a look at the photo above: a boho chic decor with a salvaged spirit and a flea market atmosphere created by a mix of colorful furniture and overloaded table decoration. The decorative asset: a beautiful garland for cards!

How to create an original garden party decoration? To impress your guests, there is nothing better than decorating on a well-chosen theme. Here, we discover a mix of fresh colors and, above all, a strong presence of fuchsia pink which dresses the low stools, the giant cushions placed on the floor, the soft poufs and even the curtains of the arbor. The decor tip: the exotic ethnic-style kilims and Moroccan stools that give an air of “one thousand and one nights” to this oriental decor.

Ideas and tips for creating a romantic garden party decor!

How about a romantic garden party decor? Ideal for celebrating a special occasion, such as your darling's birthday or your engagement, the romantic decoration goes through a mix of bucolic accessories, decorative objects in pastel tones and, above all, a beautiful hanging floral composition.

Elegant wrought iron chairs, floral tablecloths and original solid wood gate

As for the furniture that will complete your romantic garden party decor, we do not compromise: a wrought iron garden furniture will do the trick perfectly. Preferably, we choose colored furniture or repaint it in a sparkling color according to our desires.

Garden party decoration in soft colors and draped room for a bucolic atmosphere!

How to arrange dining tables? What is the appropriate table decoration for a child's birthday? So there are no strict rules to follow when it comes to arranging your garden furniture. It is up to you to decide according to the size and layout of your land.

Vintage and romantic garden party decorating ideas: pink tulle tablecloth and wooden frame hanging from a tree branch

To further refine the romantic garden party decor, layer tablecloths and play with colors. As for decorative objects: hang a wooden frame, if you have a tree high enough, or surround the tables with pretty flower pots.

Retro chandelier in bleached iron to perfect the garden party decor

Garden party decoration and festive atmosphere for all occasions!

Want a retro-style garden party decor? So, the best thing is to choose recycled spirit accessories: a chandelier, wooden pallet furniture and a beautiful string of paper garlands!

Gingham pennant garlands to liven up the garden party decor!

For a successful garden party decoration, garlands, whether light or paper, know how to be pretty. Thus, cards in different colors are transformed into pennants, sad light bulbs become a light garland and the carafe of water takes on the air of a magical suspension!

Decorative garden party ideas for your little girls' birthday!

Hanging on a long piece of string, these pennants form a beautiful handmade garland. Each of its ends is hung on a giant tree for a joyful, original and personalized decor. Do not hesitate to ask your toddlers for help, they will be happy to customize your festive garland.

Pergola covered with ivory-colored organza hangings and hanging multicolored ribbons

Are you about to make a garden party decoration for your little girls? Here too, you must show an overflowing imagination: create a cardboard carriage to embellish the outdoor space and install a beautiful gazebo in the shape of a doll's house!

Original lighting to pimp up your garden party decor!

Enhance your garden party with beautiful soft lighting that will energize your festive decor! Here too, you can give free rein to your imagination: light garlands, design bollards, vintage street lamps, decorative lanterns, scented candles, colored paper lanterns, candle holders, floating balls...

Hang open umbrellas from string lights!

Are you looking for an aesthetic, modern and incredibly artistic pendant lamp? You can either dress up your light fixtures with a few of your summer dresses or hang open umbrellas from a string light like the example below. For a retro look, vary the models: antique, lace, striped, polka dots...

How to create a garden party decor with a chic country feel?

For a garden party decor with a chic country spirit, play with raw wood furniture by decorating it with a series of green plants and branches in transparent jars to create a 100 percent plant-based atmosphere.

Glass bottles transformed into hanging flowerpots

Give a facelift to your glass bottles: they will spice up the space with a simple rose or other flower of your choice. Attached to the fence or hung at eye level, these vases will set the tone for your garden party decor.

Make hanging vases from recycled objects and materials!

Use glass bottles and jugs of water to make bouquets of flowers! Then you just have to hang them on a tree branch and you'll be done! Multiply recycled bottles into transparent vases to add a romantic note to your garden party decor.

Colored paper ball suspensions to energize the vintage garden praty decor

Dare a suspension of multicolored discs in folded paper!

Deco idea garden party with a tropical spirit and exotic atmosphere

Deco garden party in intense green and sunflower yellow