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Presidential: Macron offers a reform of the RSA with "15 to 20 hours of activity" weekly

"The beneficiaries of the RSA were in a way been the victims of our poor collective organization and our nation organized itself first by dividing the skills," deplored the outgoing president during a press conference in Aubervilliers (Seine-Saint-Denis), considering that "no one considers that this dignity is recognized, respected, with a service".

"So, we need a subsistence income for anyone, but you have to be able to better accompany each and everyone, recognize their dignity, and ask them for a part of duty for all those who can," he continued.

Présidentielle: Macron propose une réforme du RSA avec

Active solidarity income (RSA) provides people without resources a minimum income level which varies according to the composition of the home.The RSA is open, under certain conditions, to people at least 25 years old, as well as to young workers aged 18 to 24 if they are isolated parents or justify a certain period of professional activity.

At the end of September 2021, the number of RSA beneficiaries was estimated at 1.91 million households.The total amount engaged was nearly 2.90 billion euros in the third quarter of 2021, continuing the decrease started at the end of 2020, according to the National Family Allowance Fund.

The favorite of the polls has drawn a parallel between this desired reform of the RSA and "the youth commitment contract for the 18 25 year olds" entered into force in early March, the allowance of a maximum of 500 euros is subject to conditions,in particular "an intensive route with a systematic, sustained and regular activity" and whose non-compliance with obligations exposes to graduated sanctions.

"I did not want to do the RSA for 18-25 year olds because I consider that it is somehow satisfying us with an idea that we would treat poverty or precariousness only through monetary services",The Head of State was justified, defending the idea of "asking for a part of efforts for all those who can".